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The Costumer's Manifesto: Videos on Costumes and Theatre History Costume Related Videos


Theatrical Makeup Design Interactive

Theatrical Makeup Design Interactive Complete Set DVD by Tara Maginnis,& Kade Mendelowitz

- Makeup Cuts and Bruises 1 Blackened Teeth

- Makeup Cuts and Bruises 2 Split Lip

- Makeup Cuts and Bruises 3 Black Eye

- Makeup Cuts and Bruises 4 Broken Nose

- Makeup Cuts and Bruises 5 Open & Sewn Cuts

- Makeup Cuts and Bruises 6 Burned Skin

- Makeup Cuts and Bruises 7 Vampire Bites

- Makeup Cuts and Bruises 8 Sacred Wafer Trick

- Theatrical Makeup: Photographing Your Face

- "The History of Fine Fashion" Teaser

- SteamPunk Goggles for Less then $10: Threadbanger Crossover

- Playlist - Designers of Costumes, Masks, etc.

- Playlist - Fashion History & Newsreels

- Playlist - How-to Costume & Makeup

- Playlist - Interestingly Costumed Stage Shows

-Playlist - Costume Movie Clips

- sewmarm's Sewing Tutorials Channel

- How to make a Fat Suit!

Costume Workshop

Costume Workshop - How to videos for learning costume construction

- Playlist - Sewing Tutorials

- Women's fashions year by year: 1795 to 1948

- Fashions in corsets and lingerie, year by year: 1900 - 1950

- The lace up corset: a slideshow of French postcards etc

- Playlist - Theatre History Shorts

- Build Samurai Armor! Become an ancient warrior the indie way

- Halo Armor, Master Chief DIY : BFX : Build

- Gatling Gun Arm Costume : BFX

- Halloween Bigfoot Costume : BFX : Build

- Form and Fashion- 19th century women's fashion at the McCord Museum

Videos: TAP Plastics

- Victorian Fancy Dress Balls: All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go - McCord Museum

- Formes et modes

- Lui, la mode au masculin 19th cent

- Millinery Shop in Colonial Williamsburg

- Clothes Make the Man 19th cent

- Playlist - Weird Costume and Fashion Related Clips

- How to Hang Up a Frock Coat

- How to Hang a Shawl

to get a Proper Regency Look from a Thrift Store

- How to Get a Proper Regency Look from a Thrift Store I

- How to make a Regency bonnet

- A Regency Stovepipe Bonnet Frame

- Covering A Regency Stovepipe Bonnet Frame

- Hat Block Making

- 2008 Regency Exhibition Ball

baker makeup - Google Video2009 Regency Exhibition Ball

- Getting Dressed in 1805

Helpful links for learning to make your own Costume Videos:

Blog DIY Full-screen scrolling teleprompter

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