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"Dear Doctor Tara" Costume and Life Advice from the Good Witch of the(Far) North

Costume and Trivia Questions Answered

I used to answer

inquiries sent to me by e-mail (before the quantity of them got out of hand and I gave up). Here are some of the answers.

How do I teach a little girl's soccer team how to

tie dye their uniform socksI'm a Heterosexual Transvestite who needs advice on

body padding so my dresses will fit better.I'm from Argentina and want to

study Fashion Design in NYC

What is "RIT spray dye"? And can I come to work for you in your basement in Alaska when I graduate?

What is the html for making a

link to your page?Tara, I think I have some useful advice for you on

how to make Big HairHow do you make

breakaway costumes?How does one

start a career as a Costume Historian in a Museum?Where can I get

career advice on how I can costume for a living?

I am looking for hexcelite, where do you buy it?How do I find an image of a

1930's Postman's Uniform?

I'm looking for an MFA program in Costume Design, and can you give me advice on costuming Salome?My Professor says Saque Backed gowns didn't exist.

Am I crazy thinking I've seen them, or is she stupid?How do I make a big

showgirl-type headdress?Why is the

1930's Pride And Prejudice one of your favorite costume movies when it's costumes are inaccurate?I'm living in North Carolina and

want to go back to school to study costume design. What do I do?Where could I get research materials on the

history of Tap Dance Costume?

Can I paint a pair of overalls silver for the Tin Man in The Wiz?Do you

know of a book with information on draping a Toga?Are there good

metallic fabric paints that don't stiffen light fabrics?Do you know

where I can buy ready-made large feather wings in dark colors?

How do you make those fluffy elbow ruffles you see on 18th Century Saque gowns?My Fiddler on the Roof director thinks Russian Jews wore barmaid bodices and polyester pants,

where do I find research materials for 1905 Russian Jews so I can enlighten him?

How do you get to visit a study collection of costumes in a museum?

What are the dates of these Victorian German photos as far as you can guess from their clothes?

I'm in Community Theatre Costume Hell. How do I get these people to act like professionals?

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