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Barbarian Europe


Barbarian Europe

HistoryKohlerFig121medieval.jpg Bronze age European clothing, Kohler, Kostumewerk

HistoryKohlerFig122medieval.jpg Bronze age European clothing, Kohler, Kostumewerk


Paris200110Mvc-019f.jpg 2nd Century Roman Statue of a captive Northern Barbarian

5th Century French Queen

HistoryPauquet5thcentqueen2.jpg Plate from MODES ET COSTUMES HISTORIQUES drawn and engraved by Pauquet Freres (the Pauquet Brothers) in the 19th Century.

HistoryQuicheratRoidudixieme.jpg King of the 6th Century (Quicherat)

HistoryQuicheratSaintehelene.jpgSaint Helene, a princess of the 6th Century. Ladies of the (?) era. (Quicherat)

HistoryKohlerFig138medieval.jpg Silver buckles from Fetigny, Switzerland, from the 6th-8th centuries, Kohler, Kostumewerk

HistoryQuicheratSeigneurfrane.jpg Frankish Nobleman, after the bible of St. Martin of Tours in the Bibliotheque Nationale. (Quicherat)



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