Laundering For Hard Collars

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The only home how-to starching video for hard collars I can find: Starching Clerical Collars by Rev. Mark Collins

Civil War Reenactor List Advice Postings on Laundering Detachable Collars

The Fedora Lounge (Menswear list) archive on the topic of Hard collars & Laundry

The Fedora Lounge: "Stiff Starching Grandma's Way" Shirt Starching Thread with some application to collars

Livejournal archived thread on The Art & Science of Stiff Starching with good info and links

Laundries that still do this work:

Barker Laundry Stiff Collar Service in the U.K. Apparently they are good enough, (and on Good exchange rate times, comparatively cheap enough) that many non UK people mail their collars to the U.K. for this service.

NY Times Starched Front Shirt History & Current Advice on Laundry Starching Services in or near the Big Apple

French Hand Laundry of Pasadena says nothing about this on their site, but various hard collar users recommend them.

Ditto for Parkway Dry Cleaning in Maryland, for DC area folks who want hard collars and boiled shirts done.


A 1920s video of historical process for laundering collars in a factory-laundry

Another video showing the laundry process for the collars used on the show Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey's secret with a starched collar? Ask Alice Allen the woman who was tapped by Barker to essentially revive the dying art of collar pressing.

The show "Downton" and the Barkers laundry have even spurred a mini revival of Hard collars, as you can read in this heavily illustrated "Daily Mail" story.


From a Forwarded letter about Laundering For Hard Collars c.1999:

"I've spoken to the French Hand Laundry (the folks who used to do my wing collars and shirts, when I had them) and the people I remember are still there, they still do the work, and are willing to do a by-mail business. In fact, they do it all the time.

The French Hand Laundry

606 South Lake St.

Pasadena, CA 91106

attn: Virginia


As I believe I mentioned before, they specialize in one-of-a-kind costumes, designer gowns, wedding dresses and that sort of stuff. They are also, according to my sources, the last place in Northern America to do wing collars and stiff-front shirts the old-fashioned way."


From the Formal Wear Message Board:

"Subject: Cheap Collar cleaners & starchers

The cleaners I take my collars to is:

Brooks' Laundry

13 Maryport Street



01380 727773

However, I've just spoken to them and they say they simply send the

collars off to:

CPU Cleaners


0117 954 8213

I apologize for the lack of detail in the addresses, but this is all

they could tell me. I would suggest ringing CPU first and, if you get

no joy from them, try Brooks' again."

How we store & label our collar studs at UAF so our actors don't lose them, and understand what they are for:


Photos3Pict0014.jpg The boxes are recycled prescription drug boxes of plastic.

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