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Hard Collar Information at The Costumer's Manifesto

All About The Turn of the (20th) Century Detachable (Men's) Collars (With lots of photos) by Tara Maginnis

1900sHardcollars13595 09.jpg

Women's Turn of the Century Hard Collars

Where to Buy New Detachable Collars, Shirts and other Retro & Historical Menswear

Photos from my Detachable Collar Collection

Ads for Men's Collars and Shirts c. 1880- 1930

Patterns for Men's and Women's Detachable collars1850-1930

Men's Shirts and Collar History from Vintage Dancer

Laundering For Hard Collars

Dressing steps: How to wear a tie with a hard fold collar

Detachable Collar history on Wikipedia

How to make a wing tip collar out of a Clorox bottle! (This really does work, I've tried it. --Tara

Sanford L. Cluett (1874-1968) inventor of Sanforizing.

Victorian Menswear

Menswear of the Turn of the Century

The Collar City

The Morning Dress Guide: Detachable Collars & Shirts

Early 20th Century Detachable Collar History

Men's Neckties in the French Revolution

Neckwear; Collars and Scarves

How we store & label our collar studs at DVC Drama so our actors don't lose them, and understand what they are for:

Photos3Pict0015.jpg The boxes are recycled prescription drug boxes of plastic.

254images254photos1Tiepins.jpg Maginnis family tie pins from c. 1900.



Product Links

Patterns for Costume Accessories The Solution to Almost Any Costume Accessory Need Books Arnold S. Levine,Robin Patterns for Costume Accessories The Solution to Almost Any Costume Accessory Need Books Arnold S. Levine,Robin

Plastic Collar Apparel Plastic Collar Apparel

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