Spring 2015 DVC Introduction to Costume Design (and Construction)

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This is the official Class Page for the Spring 2015 DVC Introduction to Costume Design Class taught by Tara Maginnis. Photos for the class will be posted at my Shutterfly Page because uploading is faster there. If you wish to download photos on that site you can join Shutterfly free for unlimited downloading. The only down side is they spam you weekly with their "sale" offers for custom printed books, cards, etc.

Spring 2015 DVC Introduction to Costume Design Class Syllabus

Making Mini Top Hats on 3/20/15 and Projects turned in that day

MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING and theOmnigarment (1991)

Diagram and Instructions for the Omnigarment

Video on wearing the Omnigarment

Distressing Day on 3/27/15

Tara's Page on Costume Distressing

Class projects on 3/6/15

Bag Project Patterns and Instructions

Bag Projects Begin, 2/20/15

More Bag Projects

Renaissance Fantasy Paper Wedding Projects

Floral Head Wreath Projects

Some Helpful Links for Students:

Pinterest Board on Costume Design Sketches

Pinterest Board on Costume Renderings

Turning a $1.29 Halloween Witch Hat into a Dickens Era Bonnet

Pinterest Board on Paper Costumes

Pool Noodle Marie Antoinette Wig

Other CostumeHow-Tos

Stuff for my Costume Class Students

Pinterest Page for my Costume Class Students

Oedipus Rex Free E-Book

Discount Coupons for anything you want to buy at the Fabric & Craft Store JoAnn

Free Fashion Croquis (traceable bodies for drawing costumes)

The Omnigarment: Pattern and Pictures

Costume Related Information in easy to understand Infographics

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