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MakeupclassBluemonkeyballMonsieurexedrin.jpg BLUEMONKEY BALL PHOTOS

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70986 07.jpg

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70986 08.jpg China Doll Makeup

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70986 10.jpg

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70983 15.jpg Blue Kabuki inspired makeup and a bubbleplastic dress to imitate "Princess Tara" in the tech follies

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70986 11.jpg

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70986 17.jpg

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70983 09.jpg Blue Drag Queen Makeup for the TechFollies role of "Flaming Han Solo"

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70983 03.jpg Tara puts on her drag asM.Exxxcedrin

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70986 13.jpg

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70986 14.jpg

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70986 15.jpg An alternative "Pamina"

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70983 05.jpg Chris goes low key in blue and gold

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70983 06.jpg

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70983 07.jpg

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70983 08.jpg M.Exxxcedrin and "Pamina" asFather of the Bride & Bride

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70983 12.jpg Bemused Music majors take the theatredepartment student's music jokes lightly, and get into the Blue Monkey spirit with sillyhats.

MakeupclassBluemonkeyball70983 14.jpg "Amy 2 Deep E O","Anatoly-Wan Kenobinski", & "Kade Catwalker" in the tech follies


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