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The Costumer's Manifesto: Theatre UAF AntiqueCostume Collection

1890's Costumes

HistoryUafcollection44481 09.jpg

HistoryUafcollection44481 11.jpg

HistoryUafcollection44481 12.jpg

HistoryUafcollection44481 13.jpg

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HistoryUafcollection44481 19.jpg

HistoryUafcollection44481 20.jpg

HistoryUafcollection44481 21.jpg

HistoryUafcollection44481 22.jpg

HistoryUafcollection44481 25.jpgc.1895 "Artistic" Tea-gown in black silk with Lace and Velvet Ribbon Trim. This dress shows signs of an unsuccessful attempt to alter it into a maternitydress at a later date.

HistoryUafcollection70987 12.jpg

HistoryUafcollection70987 13.jpg

HistoryUafcollection70987 17.jpg

HistoryUafcollection70987 16.jpg Black silk voided velvet cape with black china silk neck ruffles, blacksatin ribbon bow at back of neck, and French jet beaded appliqués radiating from thecenter.

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by Tara Maginnis