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Sample Measurement Sheet at the Costumer's ManifestoSample Measurement Sheet

NameDatePhoneeMailCharacterAllergiesHair ColorSkin Color Code #Favorite colorPiercings/Tattoos

Shoe SizeDress sizeShirt SizePant SizeHat Size


HipThighKneeAnkleShoulder Back

Shoulder FrontArmseyeBicepElbowWrist

Back neck to wristOuter armInner armBack neck to waistBack neck to floor

InseamOutseamWaist to floor backGirthFront neck to floor

Reminder: Trace foot on back

Circle "Magic Codes": H O A X V BB NB Z GF NGF Other notes:

Translationof terms

Skin Color Code # Get various flesh toned paint chips from ahardware store, punch a hole in them and put them on a ring you attach to yourmeasurement book. When an actor is measured, find the chip that matcheshis/her skin color closes and write the paint color number in this square.Then if you need to dye fabric or a leotard to match you can use the paint chipfor reference, and won't have to keep calling the actor in to check dye colorsagainst his/her skin tone.

These "Magic Codes" are good for noting down useful info for the patterndrafters, without embarrassing your actors by scrawling things like "BigBoobs" or "Lopsided" on the bottom of the sheet in bigletters. I always explain the codes to actors that are interested, so theywon't get paranoid, and explain why these bits of info are handy for buildersof their costumes:

H Straight up and down

O Broad in the middle

A Broad in the hips, no bust

X Hourglass

V Broad in the shoulders or bust, no hips

BB Big Bust

NB No Bust

Z Lopsided, asymmetrical

GF "Gush Factor" Has soft flesh that could bemoved around with a corset

NGF No "Gush Factor" firm flesh that resists reshaping withcorsets

Easy to print

PDF ofMeasurement Sheet

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