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Before the Graffiti Hall on the campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks was born it was an ordinary hallway in the Fine Arts Complex, built in 1973. Originally it led not only to the basement of the theatre, but also to a short tunnel that connected to the old Taku stairs. This tunnel allowed people to walk directly to the stairs without crossing the street. The tunnel was closed off after melting permafrost rendered the ceiling structurally unstable.

During the 1970's an art student who was a theatre minor painted the walls of the Hallway with two murals, one on either side of the hall. The small one on the South wall represented the "house" and stage apron of the Fine Arts Theatre (now renamed the Lee Salisbury Theatre) as seen from the stage:

CostshopGrafittihall92916 23.jpg PortfolioPortfolioscans2Grafiti1.jpg

On the North wall was a much larger mural, depicting the stage as seen from the apron. [Click figure for larger view.]

CostshopGrafittihall92916 22.jpg

I (Tara Maginnis) photographed these murals when I first came to UAF in 1988-89 as a temporary visiting professor. In the following year [1989-90] the murals were vandalized, and so director Tom Riccio painted over them in black paint when he and Anatoly Antohin were spending a weekend turning the adjacent Green Room classroom space into a black box theatre.

The Hallway was not altered for sometime after that, then in 1990-91 bits of pointless and profane graffiti began to appear. Annoyed with the look of this, in fall of 1991 I set my costume design class out in the hall one day with colored chalks, and requested they decorate the hall with art. This got the ball rolling, and after leaving colored chalk out for the public, the hall began to be a place for artistic and poetic graffiti.

ImagesCostshop77549 16.jpg

By 1992 the Hall had every bit of its surface covered with chalk. The Student Drama Association decided to sponsor the making of a Rock video in the Hall. In it, dancers in black unitards with graffiti on them, danced in the Hall until a funky looking cleaning lady chased them away and washed down the graffiti. At the end of filming, SDA painted the Hall black, and the graffiti process began again. SDA painted the Hall black a few more times, once the walls had again got so full there was no more room for more graffiti. Around 1999 the theatre got a load of free colored paints from the closing of the JC Penney store, and painted the hall with multicolored graffiti.

ImagesGraffitihallPict0001.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0002.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0003.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0004.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0005.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0006.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0007.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0008.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0009.jpg

If you are in need of putting graffiti on a wall at UAF, please do it here, in the interest of keeping the rest of campus free of the stuff. Use chalk or non toxic paints, not spray paint, since the air system in the building will keep re-circulating airborne paint vapors and make everyone (the theatre costume shop staff especially) sick. Also, try to put up statements that are truly profound, or funny or odd. Do artwork, don't just make a mess. Take photos from time to time, and share them on this wiki page so that future students may therefore find your work admired by all, and may someday be inspired to add to future episodes of "The Secret History of the Graffiti Hall"......

ImagesGraffitihallPict0010.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0011.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0012.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0013.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0014.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0015.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0016.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0017.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0018.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0019.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0020.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0021.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0022.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0023.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0024.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0025.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0026.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0027.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0028.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0029.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0030.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0031.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0032.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0033.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0034.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0035.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0036.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0038.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0040.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0041.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0042.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0043.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0044.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0045.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0046.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0049.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0050.jpg ImagesGraffitihallPict0051.jpg

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Tara in 1989 in the Hall



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