The Costumer's Manifesto: Harry Potter Costume Party andCosplay Links

Harry PotterCostume Party and Cosplay Links:

Party Tip and Supply Links

0,,177270_181300,00.html@160x120.jpg Teaat Hogwarts: Throwing a Harry Potter Party

harry_potter.html@160x120.jpg HarryPotter

Party Tips database

party_harrypotter_prisoner.htm@160x120.jpg Harry PotterPrisoner of Azkaban Party

index.html@160x120.jpg Welcome to the Hogwarts Celebration!

index.html@160x120.jpg The Hogwarts Celebration - The Preparations

invitation.html#waxseal@160x120.jpg The Hogwarts Celebration - The Invitations

recipes.html@160x120.jpg The Hogwarts Celebration: Hogwarts and Honeydukes Recipes

click-904740-10360407?url=http%3A%2F%2Famos.SHOP.COM%2Fcc.class%2Fcc%3Fpcd%3D9265347%26ccsyn%3D22%26adtg%3D09040415@160x120.jpg [1]

party_harrypotter_prisoner.htm@160x120.jpg" Wizard Hat


party_harrypotter_prisoner.htm@160x120.jpg [2]

@160x120.jpg Harry Potter CraftProjects and Activities - Wizard Party Ideas

@160x120.jpg [3]

click-904740-10360407?url=http%3A%2F%2Famos.SHOP.COM%2Fcc.class%2Fcc%3Fpcd%3D6758188%26ccsyn%3D22%26adtg%3D09040415@160x120.jpg Sherman:: HARRYPOTTER BEVERAGE NAPKINS (16 per pack) (General Party Paper Goods)


@160x120.jpg [4]

click-904740-10360407?url=http%3A%2F%2Famos.SHOP.COM%2Fcc.class%2Fcc%3Fpcd%3D8968542%26ccsyn%3D22%26adtg%3D09040415@160x120.jpg Sherman:: HARRYPOTTER PAPER PLATES (General Party Paper Goods)


supplies.html@160x120.jpg "FreeParty Supplies for Children's Wizard Birthday Parties."

harrypotter_2.htm@160x120.jpg A Harry Potter Halloween Party

party_harrypotter_prisoner.htm@160x120.jpg Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Party

click-904740-10360407?url=http%3A%2F%2Famos.SHOP.COM%2Fcc.class%2Fcc%3Fpcd%3D9265810%26ccsyn%3D22%26adtg%3D09040415@160x120.jpg Wizard Cone Hat Party Activity (4) (Party Games & Activities)


harry-potter-party.html@160x120.jpg Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas

c08-249800.htm@160x120.jpg Have A Potter Party -8/21/03

wizard.html@160x120.jpg KidsDomain - Birthday Party Theme: Wizard


(The best Halloween how-to book ever. This book proves once andfor all that Martha is actually a closet "Goth")

blkidscookt43.htm@160x120.jpg Fake Blood HalloweenRecipes For Kids

click-904740-10360407?url=http%3A%2F%2Famos.SHOP.COM%2Fcc.class%2Fcc%3Fpcd%3D9265327%26ccsyn%3D22%26adtg%3D09040415@160x120.jpg Cauldron Candy Cups (6) (Party Supplies)


invites_scrolls.htm@160x120.jpg Scroll Invitations-Design by Demeter

click-904740-10360407?url=http%3A%2F%2Famos.SHOP.COM%2Fcc.class%2Fcc%3Fpcd%3D9265756%26ccsyn%3D22%26adtg%3D09040415@160x120.jpg Golden Goblet (Party Supplies)


click-904740-10360407?url=http%3A%2F%2Famos.SHOP.COM%2Fcc.class%2Fcc%3Fpcd%3D9026474%26ccsyn%3D22%26adtg%3D09040415@160x120.jpg Sherman:: HARRYPOTTER MAGICAL PAPER PLATES (Party Supplies)


cauldron3.html@160x120.jpg Kids Domain Crafts -All Flavor Jelly Bean Cauldron

index.asp@160x120.jpg Host a Harry Potter Birthday Party

theme130.html@160x120.jpg HP Party Planning

food.asp@160x120.jpg - Host aHarry Potter Birthday Party

catalog.cfm?pgp=ZB1128&AID=7298418&PID=534072@160x120.jpg World's Largest Party Supply Superstore -ShindigZ by Stumps: Gossamer by the roll

MOREHarry PotterCostume Party and Cosplay Links:

Activities andSpecial Effects magic tricks, online activities, haunted house ideas, lots of ideas for HP type stuff to do.

Costumes where to get supplies, how-to advice, cosplay links for finding others who want to dress in HP costumes

Decor andProps ideas for making, and places to buy, decorating items for turning your room(s) into Hogwarts for the day, or forever. Also how to make/buy wands and other props.

Edibles Foods to make or buy for Potter Parties

Party Tips andSupplies specifically PARTY advice links, plus links to suppliers of tablewear.

Printablesand Fonts things you can print out and use, plus suitable fonts for making your own printables. Includes

Free"Butterbeer" Labels for Soda or Beer

ReferencePictures and General HP Info Sitesto give you ideas, or help you make your replicas right.

Product Links


HarryPotter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Widescreen Edition) (2004)

LightWedge Harry Potter Lumos Book Light LightWedge Harry Potter Lumos Book Light

Harry Potter LUMOS Case - Gryffindor Accessory

Harry Potter LUMOS Case - Hufflepuff Accessory

Harry Potter LUMOS Case - Ravenclaw Accessory

Harry Potter LUMOS Case - Hogwarts Accessory

Harry Potter LUMOS Case - Slytherin Accessory

Halloween: The Best of Martha Stewart Living Halloween: The Best of Martha Stewart Living

DVD: Harry Potter - Years 1-3 (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone/Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets/Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) (6-Disc DVD Set) (Widescreen Edition) DVD: Harry Potter - Years 1-3 (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone/Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets/Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) (6-Disc DVD Set) (Widescreen Edition)

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