The Costumer's Manifesto:


Costume Design Renderings by

Tara Maginnis.

An exhibition of sketches and other related graphics 1988-2004 by theatre@160x120.jpg Theatre UAF

costume designer and author of the web site The Costumer's Manifesto

. UAF University Art Gallery (312 Art Wing, Fine Arts Complex), September 26-October 7, 2005.Opening reception 5-8pm September 27.

Online version of the Exhibition

Artist's Statement

Images from the

Reception with Wearable Edible Art

Costume Design & Construction I Class builds the food hats

Early Planning for

food hats at the reception

Fun With Dick and Jane; The Lysistrata Costume Controversy

2dcostume.htm@160x120.jpg The Sun Star: article on 2DCostumes Exhibit

Theatre Dept Page on

2D.htm@160x120.jpg 2D Costume Gallery Show

2D Costumes: Costume Design Renderings by Tara Maginnis.

What:An exhibition of sketches and other related graphics 1988-2005 by Tara Maginnis, Ph.D., Theatre UAF costume designer, and author of the web site: The Costumer's Manifesto

Where:University Art Gallery (312 Art Wing, Fine Arts Complex)

When: September 26 -October 7, 2005.Reception 5-8pm Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

Why: Costume design sketches for theatre are rarely seen outside the costume studio where they are used as an intermediate step to making a completed costume.This exhibit breaks with that tradition of viewing them as merely a minor step towards a completed costume, and instead exhibits them alone, as examples of graphic art.Over 100 sketches (or “costume renderings” as they are called in the business) by Theatre UAF costume designer Tara Maginnis will be on display.

Contact info: For interviews or info, contact Tara Maginnis at home 456-8119 or make an appointment through Maya Salganek, Theatre UAF Coordinator 474-6590

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