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  • ...rider hotrods and other cool objects. So this time when I upgraded I asked the my tech [ to custom make my new video-editing PC to be prepared for "modding" as the kids call it. He helped get me started by building it in a case that looks
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  • Tara's Cheap Tricks (For Faculty Web Page Design) at The Costumer'sManifesto: Including the odd, aesthetic, animated, and personal to
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  • Including the odd, aesthetic, animated, and personal to suck in surfersby their own choice ...RenderingsRosamonde1.jpg|frameless|border|Click here for a scan made using the scanner shown above ]]
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  • [[ClassesFashiondressLatemedieval|The History of Fashion and Dress: Late Medieval Europe]] ...ntal Brasses By Herbert Druitt 1906.. - Google Book SearchSome Clothing of the Middle Ages]
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  • The Costumer's Manifesto: Military Costume and ArmorLinks'''Military Costume an ''This symbol indicates an internal page of the Manifesto''
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  • ===The History Of Fashion and Dress=== [[ClassesFashiondressIndustrialrevolution|GeneralThe Rise of the Industrial Revolution]]
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  • E-mail: Fandom: X-Men the MovieDisclaimers:All characters belong to the Marvel EntertainmentGroupand Twentieth Characters: Rogue, Magneto, Bobby, Charles & the "kids".Part of the
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