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  • ...rly notable are the costumes in the hall devoted to ethnic Russian peasant dress.Routinely you can find art and design students in this hall sketching the c The exhibit contains a great deal of royal costume including themilitary dress of the Tzars beginning with Catherine II
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  • Alaska Native Traditional Dress Bibliography'''Alaska Native Traditional Dress Bibliography''' Originally published in the Northwest Theatre Review 1993as "Alaska Native Costume Bibliography"
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  • ....jpg|frameless|border]] Summer and early Fall ismushroom hunting season in Alaska. Although this (1996) year was a disappointment due to adrought, most years [[Tara1pagesIcesculpt1999|Tara & Lorraine visiting the 1999 Ice Alaska Display]]
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  • The Costumer's Manifesto: Polar Regions Traditional Dress Links '''Polar Regions Traditional Dress Links'''
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  • Images from the Native Arts Festival at UAF in 1989'''Images from the Alaska Native Arts Festival atUAF, 1989.''' [[File:AknativeOther92917_08.jpg|frameless|border]] An Elder posesholding a dress parka she made
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  • ...Native Traditional Dress Information and Links'''Alaska Native Traditional Dress Information''' AlaskaNative Traditional Dress
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  • Alaska Native Traditional Dress Resources '''Alaska Native Traditional Dress Resources'''
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  • Alaska Native Traditional Dress and Beadwork in The Sheldon JacksonMuseum, '''Alaska Native Traditional Dress and Beadwork in The SheldonJackson Museum, Sitka
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  • Traditional Dress and Beadwork in The University of Alaska Museum Traditional Dress and Beadwork in The University ofAlaska Museum
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  • ...ex| The Cutter's Practical Guide to Cutting & Making all kinds of Clerical Dress]] ...ndex|Anne Foster Historic Costume Lecture on 3/15/06: Middle Class Women's Dress During the Westward Expansion 1850-1914]]
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  • ..., and Russian history in 1905, you will get books showing colorful peasant dress, play scripts without pictures and lots on the Revolution of 1905, all of w ... that section to help you. For posters of the history of American military dress, info on W.W.II civilian home made clothing, and Smithsonian publications,
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  • ...y do they send you off without ideas.Tom Riccio, a director I work with in Alaska, is the sort costumers are sometimes inclinedto write off: he can't draw an FROM DRUMMING: Each year atUAF for example, we do an Alaska Native show. The actors, many of whom are Eskimos andIndians from rural towns, com
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  • ...ale performers,dressed in humorous amalgamations of masculine and feminine dress pulled from stock inshades of pink, began the performance reading pink news ...o more avant garde costumes when the budgetdoes not "allow" literal period dress. One common mistake is to assume, becauseone is given a budget sufficient f
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  • ...y will wonder "Will I be given any idea how the costumes look before first dress?" If you include renderings but no photos, they will wonder "Yes, but do th [[Ethnic1pagesAknative|Alaska Native dress]] that inspired them, and Ubu Roi shows only the three most outrageously we
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  • [ University of Alaska Fairbanks] [[Ethnic1pagesAknative|Alaska Native Dress]]
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  • version of a Costume Design and Construction Class at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Since I have left UAF and this class is no longer offered, I am [[254pagesProjectsAkstoles|UAF Alaska Native Graduation Stole aka Making a Stole (Academic or Clerical) ]]5C
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  • ...Alaska NativeGraduation Stole Costume Design & Construction '''UAF Alaska Native Graduation Stole .../commencement/2004/gallery/source/gra-04-1341-005.html opt out of academic dress ]
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  • History of Fashion and Dress: ...hicsofdress00farnrich Internet Archive: Free Download: The art & ethics of dress, as related to efficiency and economy 1915]
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  • ...ey College. Previously she was a Professor of Theatre at the University of Alaska Fairbanks from 1990-2007. Tara was awarded her Doctorate in Drama (Theatre Theatre Department] of the [ University of Alaska Fairbanks]
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  • [[Shows100pagesUafshows|Tara Maginnis University of Alaska Fairbanks]]. Most often this means I am doingstraight theatre photography-- ...and Duchess who works as awaitress. In contrast to the simplified cartoony dress of the American characters, wedressed them in their faded Sunday best cloth
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