The Costumer's Manifesto: Costumes at UAF in VRML

Vrml1Spin.gifCostumes at UAF in Quicktime VRMLVRML images by Kade Mendelowitz of

The Bacchae

Costume forMaenad

653 k

2 rows


Coat forCadmus

310 k

2 rows

Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Costume forMme. Tourvel

129 k

Costume forMerteuil

1.2 Meg

4 rows

Costume forValmont

621 k

2 rows

Costume forEmelie the Courtesan

931 k

3 rows

Costume forMme. Rosamonde

554 k

2 rows

Costume forMme. Volonges

618 k

2 rows

Costume forCecile & Mme. Volonges

654 k

2 rows

Costume forCecile

653 k

2 rowsThe Importance of Being Earnest

Costume forAlgy

285 k


Costume forJack

326 k

Mourning Costume, Act II forJack

916 k

2 rows


Costume forGwendolyn

931 k

3 rows


Costume forLady Bracknell

1.03 Meg

2 rowsThe Threepenny Opera

Costume forPolly Peachum

417 k

2 rows

Wedding Dress forPolly Peachum

205 k

2 rows

Costume forAntipholus of Ephesus

in Comedy of Errors

328 k

Cape forLysistrata

in Lysistrata

326 k

Costume forThe Gypsy

in The Grand Tarot

337 k

2 rows

Costume forMonastatos

in The Magic Flute

798 k

2 rows

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