Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf ?

Who's Afraid ofVirginia Woolf ?

atNovember13-16, & 20-23, 1997

Costume Designs by Tara Maginnis

This Show was Double-Cast. I do notespecially think actors can be made to be cookie-cutter versions of one another, sincethey have different bodies and different styles of performance, so the costumes for thetwo casts only resemble each other insofar as they use the same color palate for the showas a whole.

Cast A, Performing on Thursday throughSaturday Evenings:

ShowsVirginiawoolfGeorgea.jpg Costume for Shannon Luster as George


ShowsVirginiawoolfMarthaa2.jpg Costumes for Diana Williams asMartha

ShowsVirginiawoolfNicka.jpg Costume for Darryn Hewson as Nick


ShowsVirginiawoolfHoneya2.jpg Costumes for Cris Stone as Honey

Cast B, Performing onMatinees:

ShowsVirginiawoolfGeorgeb.jpg Costume for Dave Fields (akaParker Thompson) as George


ShowsVirginiawoolfMarthab2.jpg Costumes for Jessica Beck as Martha

ShowsVirginiawoolfNickb.jpg Costume for Calvin Alden as Nick

ShowsVirginiawoolfHoneyb.jpg Costume for Jen Cross as Honey

photos of this production

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"The Costumer's Manifesto"
by Tara Maginnis