Qayaq: The Magical Man: Costumes

AknativeTumaQayaq13.jpg Qayaq: The Magical Man

AknativeTuma92873 18.jpgRaven CostumeRendering

AknativeTumaQayaq11.jpg Photocall picture for Qayaq

AknativeTumaQayaq12.jpg Costume design for Qayaqby Tara Maginnis

AknativeTumaQayaq13.jpg Mike Lane as Qayaq

AknativeTumaQayaq2.jpg Rendering for Nunamiu(trans: "Man From The Interior") Qayaq's Father

AknativeTumaQayaq1.jpg Paul Jumbo as Nunamiu

AknativeTumaQayaq9.jpgRendering for Qimmiq,Qayaq's mother


AknativeTumaQayaq15.gif 2.

AknativeTumaQayaq16.gif 3.

AknativeTumaQayaq14.jpg Progression of the design of Qimmiq's coastalEskimo Headdress. 1. Research photo and drawing from Russian museum, 2. Design sketch, 3.The completed headress worn by Joanna Wassilly.

AknativeTumaQayaq8.jpg Rendering for Qayaq'spaternal uncle.

AknativeTumaQayaq7.jpg Photo of Paul Mountainas Qayaq's Uncle/ Research material for the design of his Athabaskan tunic and trousers.

AknativeTumaQayaq6.jpgRendering for theSpotted Owl

AknativeTumaQayaq5.jpgDon Johnson, in theabove costume, showing the mask he designed and made for playing the Spotted Owl.

AknativeTumaQayaq3.jpgDesign for Wilma Brownas the Eagle/Girl.

AknativeTumaQayaq4.jpgDesign for Amy James asa Goose

AknativeTumaQayaq10.jpgEnsemble sings"Praise Silam Inua"

AknativeTuma92874 20.jpg


AknativeTuma92874 23.jpg

See by the former stage Director of Tuma

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