The Costumer's Manifesto: Oedipus Rex at Theatre UAF Spring 2005 Oedipus Rex at Theatre UAF Spring 2005

Oedipus Rex Costumes


Jocasta's Jewelry by Lorraine Pettit


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pictessays_leaders_monarch.php@160x120.jpg Monarchs in Uniform

Ancient Greek Costume Links

myth.htm@160x120.jpg The Classics Pages - Oedipus Tyrannos by Sophocles

oedipus001.html@160x120.jpg Oedipus Rex

@160x120.jpg o e d i p u s: The story of OEDIPUS, in 8 minutes, performed by fresh vegetables, in the tradition of BEN HUR.

greek_plays.html@160x120.jpg Greek Plays

Oedipus%20Plot%20Structure.htm@160x120.jpg Plot Structure of Oedipus the King

oedipus-the-king.html@160x120.jpg Sun.Ergos > Community Series > Oedipus the King

staging.html@160x120.jpg Staging Greek Tragedy

article.cfm?id=19999&highlight=1&highlightterms=&lstKeywords=@160x120.jpg classical music - andante - gergiev does graz

oedipuspast.asp@160x120.jpg Blue Chair Theatre: Oedipus Poster

oed.html@160x120.jpg Oedipus the King Class Handouts

oedipus.htm@160x120.jpg Enjoying "Oedipus the King" by Sophocles

@160x120.jpg Past Productions: Oedipus

MG-oedipus.html@160x120.jpg Mönchengladbach: Oedipus / Online Musik Magazin

oedessay.html@160x120.jpg The Oedipus Plays

oedipus.htm@160x120.jpg Oedipus Rex

sophocles.htm@160x120.jpg Sophocles Page

b-31-playwright-sophocles-statue.html@160x120.jpg Ancient Greek Playwright Sophocles Statue

Our Production:

@160x120.jpg Oedipus Rex at Theatre UAF

04-05.jpg@160x120.jpg SunStar Cover 4/5/05 Oedipus Rex Image

oedipus.htm@160x120.jpg Sun Star Review of Oedipus Rex

editorial.htm@160x120.jpg Editorial on Oedipus Rex

@160x120.jpg Lab Theatre with Anatoly

our stage director

oedipus.html@160x120.jpg Oedipus King online

title.html@160x120.jpg Shows -- Oedipus 2005

Tara Maginnis, Costume Designer, Portfolio Page

@160x120.jpg Kade Mendelowitz - Lighting Designer

Guest Scene Designer:

_whatsnew.msnw@160x120.jpg Timaree McCormick

IMDB page on

@160x120.jpg Timaree McCormick

Reviews of Timaree's other designs:

cu3.htm@160x120.jpg Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture Page | What country, friends, is this?

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