Marat/Sade at Theatre UAF, 1989

Marat/Sade (1989)[The Persecution andAssassination of Jean Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of CharentonUnder the Direction of the Marquis de Sade--by Peter Weiss]Show Photos and costume renderings by TaraMaginnis.

Backstage for Marat/Sade

ShowsMarat92917 03.jpg Henry Harris, stage manager,assists Roque Ranaldi in putting on his chains.

Preliminary sketch for the Coulmier family


The Coulmier's


ShowsMarat92917 06.jpg Caroline Peck in costume as aninmate.

ShowsMarat92917 04.jpg Roque Ranaldi in costume as Duperret (Head reconstructed-SFW chopped offthe top of his head in the picture)

ShowsMaratMaratfitting.jpgDiane Egley as MmeCoulmier, gets alast minute adjustment on her costume before 1st dress.

ShowsMarat92912 09.jpg Lee Salisbury (the founder ofTheatre UAF) applies makeup to Helen Burrell as the Mother Superior.

ShowsMaratMarathair.jpgA volunteer curls VirginiaAsbury's hair as Mlle.Coulmier.

ShowsMarat92912 12.jpg The hairdressing crew chief, (?),adjusts the wig of Phyllis Morrow as Rossignole.

ShowsMarat92917 01.jpg ? in costume as Jacques Roux

ShowsMarat92877 12.jpg The Coulmier Family

ShowsMarat92877 13.jpg production photo by Tom Riccio

ShowsMarat92877 14.jpg Acting family: daughter ElizabethBurrell as Kokol, father David Burrell as the Marquis de Sade, and mother Helen Burrell asthe Mother Superior.

ShowsMarat92877 16.jpgRendering forthe Marquis de Sade's costume, click thumbnail for larger image.

ShowsMarat92877 17.jpg Karl Kalen as a very tough nun. Clickfor larger image. Production photo by Tom Riccio.

ShowsMarat92877 18.jpg Rendering for the Herald, click forlarger image.

ShowsMarat92877 19.jpg David Burrell in costume for theMarquis de Sade.

ShowsMarat92877 20.jpg Costume shop staff wearing thehats they made for the Nightmare scene.

ShowsMarat92877 21.jpg production photo by Tom Riccio.

ShowsMarat92877 22.jpg Rendering for the four singers.

PortfolioPortfolioscans2Marat.jpgClyde Evans as Marat in theNightmare scene.

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