The Costumer's Manifesto: (Chekhov one acts) Costume designs for

4 Farces and a Funeral (Chekhov one acts)

Fimo figures of the costume

designs in Day of the Dead style for the poster and lobby display case

Costume Renderings

Studio Costume Shots

First Set of Pictures from Photocall

Second Set of Pictures

from Photocall

4 Farces and a Funeral

Photos Act 1

4 Farces and a Funeral

Photos Act 2

Prop Photos of the Late Popov for The Bear

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My 2003 costume designs for SDA production of

The Bear

My 1986 costume designs for GRAC production of

The Marriage Proposal

Anna.jpg.html@160x120.jpg fbx square » Photos › Anna (4 Farces and a Funeral design)

About Lee Salisbury our Theatre's Founder:

index.xml?StoryID=241@160x120.jpg University Of Alaska, Stories: Lee H. Salisbury Fine Arts Theatre

travels.html@160x120.jpg Haven Books Audio, Audio Books: Travels in Alaska, by John Muir, read by Lee Salisbury

stickeen.html@160x120.jpg Haven Books Audio, Audio Books: Stickeen by John Muir, read by Lee Salisbury

excerpt_Chapter4.html@160x120.jpg Stories about the Frontier (Scroll 1/2 way down the page to read "Lee Salisbury grew up in New York City,...")

V6S2Teac.html@160x120.jpg Journal of American Indian Education-Article: TEACHING ENGLISH TO ALASKA NATIVES by Lee H. Salisbury, January 1967

Our UAF Director's notes:

intro.html@160x120.jpg Chekhov -- Farces and Love Letters

smallchekhov.html@160x120.jpg Small Chekhov -- PLAYS Directory @ Film-North

bear.html@160x120.jpg Bear, Chekhov

proposal.html@160x120.jpg THE PROPOSAL

wedding.html@160x120.jpg Method Acting: The Wedding (playscript)

tobacco@160x120.jpg Chekhov -- Tobacco

chekhov.html@160x120.jpg Script Directory Chekhov Pages

The Day of the Dead (Costume theme)

@160x120.jpg sugar skull, day of the dead folk art, skeletons, sugar skull molds, dia de los muertos, Mexican folk art

sugarskullmolds.htm@160x120.jpg Sugar Skull Molds & Supplies

recipe.htm@160x120.jpg Sugar Skull Making Instructions

Chocolate-recipe.htm@160x120.jpg CHOCOLATE MOLD RECIPES

posdad.htm@160x120.jpg Jose Guadalupe Posada (Printmaker Day of the Dead Images)

index.html@160x120.jpg skeleton art gallery and apparel: Art Gallery/Linda Bark'Karie


blchekhov.htm@160x120.jpg ChekhovAnton Pavlovich Chekhov and his Works

index.html@160x120.jpg Anton Chekhov: The Definitive Site

bl-achekhov.htm?once=true&@160x120.jpg Anton Chekhov (1894-1905) Russian writer.

chekhov1110-des-.html@160x120.jpg Chekhov, Anton P.: On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco

@160x120.jpg A. A. Bakhrushin - State Central Theatre Museum

tsehov.htm@160x120.jpg Anton Chekhov

@160x120.jpg [1]

CX4PRESS.html@160x120.jpg CHEKHOV X 4 -- PRESS KIT

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