Sample Makeup Class Student Page: Edwina Splitstitch

Edwina Splitstitch Makeup Portfolio and Research Links for my Fall 2014 DVC Stage Makeup Class


Face Outline sheet:

Yourself Only More So Makeup:

"Corrective" makeup research links:

“Corrective” Makeup:

MakeupclassDisk2Mvc-001f.jpg MakeupclassDisk2Mvc-003f.jpg MakeupclassDisk2Mvc-004f.jpg MakeupclassDisk2Mvc-005f.jpg

Face Aging Makeup Research links:

Aged Self Makeup:

Real Aged Faces Research links:

Happy Aged Character makeup rendering:

Happy Aged Character Makeup:

MakeupclassDisk4Mvc-021f.jpg MakeupclassDisk2Mvc-019f.jpg MakeupclassDisk2Mvc-022f.jpg MakeupclassDisk2Mvc-023f.jpg

Aged Character Makeup Research Links:

Angry Aged Character makeup rendering:


Angry Aged Character Makeup:

MakeupclassDisk4Mvc-002f.jpg MakeupclassDisk4Mvc-003f.jpg MakeupclassDisk4Mvc-004f.jpg Makeup20055Img 0229.jpg Makeup20045Pict0068.jpg Makeup20045Pict0069.jpg Makeup20045Pict0070.jpg

Makeup using wax nose:

MakeupclassDisk5Mvc-007f.jpgMakeupclassDisk5Mvc-008f.jpg2001NosesMvc-002f.jpg2001NosesMvc-003f.jpg MakeupclassDisk5Mvc-009f.jpg Makeup20023d2Mvc-003f.jpgMakeup20023d2Mvc-004f.jpg

Color Rendering for nose makeup:

Research images links of a famous guy with beard:

Beard makeup rendering:

Makeup using a crepe hair beard:

StrindbergDisk9Mvc-001f.jpgStrindbergDisk9Mvc-002f.jpg StrindbergDisk9Mvc-003f.jpg 2001LeninMvc-004f.jpg StrindbergDisk9Mvc-004f.jpg Makeup20045Pict0003.jpg

Research links on on Cuts, Bruises and other injuries:

Stage Blood Recipes

How to make Fake Cuts with Makeup

YouTube Movie Magic: Creature Makeup Effects

Special Effects Make-Up Tutorial: Cuts

Cuts and Bruises makeup:

Makeup20058Pict0103.jpgMakeup20058Pict0104.jpgMakeup2003HorrorPict0024.jpg Makeup2003HorrorPict0025.jpg Makeup2003HorrorPict0026.jpg

Research links on Gothic, or Horror film, or silent film makeup:

Gothic Horror makeup:


Research on Drag and/or Glamour Makeup:

Rendering of Drag Makeup:


Drag makeup:

2001Drag2Mvc-003f.jpg2001Drag2Mvc-004f.jpg2001Drag2Mvc-011f.jpg 2001Drag2Mvc-012f.jpg2001Drag2Mvc-023f.jpg2001Drag2Mvc-008f.jpgMakeupclassDisk12Mvc-014f.jpg

Research links on your Non-Western makeup/mask sources:

Non Western Makeup rendering:

Makeup2006KabukiKabuki 006.jpg

Non Western Makeup:

2001KabukiMvc-017f.jpg2001Kabuki2Mvc-001f.jpg2001Kabuki2Mvc-002f.jpg 2001Kabuki2Mvc-005f.jpg2001Kabuki2Mvc-006f.jpg2001Kabuki2Mvc-007f.jpgMakeup2006KabukiKabuki 008b.jpg Makeup2006KabukiKabuki 013.jpg Makeup2006KabukiKabuki 014.jpg Makeup2006KabukiKabuki 015.jpg Makeup2006KabukiKabuki 016.jpg Makeup2006KabukiKabuki 016b.jpg Makeup2006KabukiKabuki 017.jpg Makeup2006KabukiKabuki 005.jpg Makeup2006KabukiKabuki 005b.jpg Makeup2006KabukiKabuki 007.jpg

Research links on Day of the Dead or Zombies or Goth/Horror:

Halloween, Day of the Dead, Zombies & Gothic Horror Day:

Face Painting Day:

Research links on chosen Animal and related makeup:


Animal makeup rendering:


Animal makeup:

Makeup20044Animationcatface.gifMakeup2002Animal2Mvc-001f.jpg Makeup20044Pict0012.jpgMakeup20044Pict0014.jpg Makeup20044Pict0022.jpg Makeup20044Pict0028.jpg Makeup2003AnimalPict0030.jpg Makeup2003AnimalPict0031.jpg Makeup2003AnimalPict0032.jpg Makeup2003AnimalPict0035.jpg

Rendering of final Mythical Makeup project:

Final Mythical Makeup project:

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