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Please Note, We are always looking for Theatre PracticumStudent Workers, Community Volunteers, and High School Students who want to performinternships with us. If you want to see your face on this page, , or call (907) 474-7630 1-5 M-FSeptember-April and talk with us!

write me nowTara Maginnis, Ph.D Associate Professor,Costume Designer: Click here for

Bio & Resume.Tara is also the web author of The Costumer's Manifesto Site at

AlaskaAnchorage1Mvc-017f.jpg Lorraine PettitCostumeShop Manager: has worked in both theatre costuming and industrial sewing for more yearsthan she cares to count. In her varied sewing career she has been costume shopmanager at College of Marin for 6 years, a pattern drafter and sample seamstress for when it was in San Rafael, assistantmanager for Alterations to Go in Larkspur, CA, and sample seamstress for Christie'sLeather among many other jobs. See here for her new

Portfolio Page To contact her for volunteering in the shopor for hiring her for custom sewing and needlecrafts call her at the UAF costume Shop M-F1-5 at 474-7630 or at home at 456-8119, or e-mail


StaffUafmuseumPict0028.jpg Two costumes Lorraine built for


Liaisons in the UAF Museumexhibit "Made In Fairbanks"

File:GraphicsMisciconsCathop.gif Shoelace,Pest-control Technician and Recreation Director, Tenured Cat. See her

web site also.

Former Staff:

In the recent past we had three lovely work-study shop assistants who prefered tokeep their names anonymous so as to avoid stalking throngs of drooling fan boys:All stalking throngs of would be fan boys must therefore sign up for TheatrePracticum if they want to assist our lovely assistants. "Yesmistress, I'll iron that four you...whip me, beat me...lock me up in the shoeroom..."




Lorraine will be happy to instruct the girls in dominatrixduties:



PhotosDisk8Mvc-016f.jpgJess Pinnow, First Hand/student assistant, designed theBugwing Corset, above for How Santa Got his Groove Back for KDQ in 2000,and designed The SandboxThe Rising of the Moon and The Dumbwaiter for SDA in2001.

PhotosDisk5Mvc-025f.jpg Below is a complex project made for sculpture class in the artdepartment, of a weirdly seamed alligator leather garment. Lorraine helpedhim cut and assemble it.







Melissa Lueke, Costume Crafts/studentassistant, is an Art Major, who starred as "Grandma" in TheSandbox in 2001.Her biggest project was masks and thegiant puppet for

Yahoo Nation:



Melissa and Jessie are also now living near Seattle andpursuing a further education in the arts. Melissa has recently married aswell!

ImagesCostshop92916 02.jpg Jason Chapman, Costume Shop Manager 1997-98. Jason is a UAF graduate 1998 and Former President of the StudentDrama Association (1995-98). Producer and host of

The PinkMonkey Ball (1995), Golden Monkey Ball, and

TheRocky Horror Picture Show Cabaret (1994, 1995),Costume Designer, LineAnswers,(1995) Spurt of Blood, and The Actor's Nightmare (1996), Director


The Grand Tarot (1997),

Dasvedanya Mama (1996) and Zoo Story,1997. Theatre Department Student of the Year for 1996-97. Jason is also a popularperformer with KDQ & Co Theatre as head of .He works in management for the company that runs the huge chain of thriftdepartment stores known as Value Village and Savers

ImagesCostshop92916 04.jpgKarl Kalen,

Former Student Assistant, UAF student, actor, and general wild man. Karl has been performing leads in UAF shows since he was a 16 year old H.S. kid.He has won numerous acting awards, including "Performer of the Year" for 3 yearsrunning. He is also a former Theatre UAF Student of the Year (1995-96), has performedprofessionally for The Fairbanks Shakespeare Festival The Northern InuaShow,HE now lives in Seattle.

ImagesStaffLittlejohn.jpg John Wallace, Hair Designer/HighSchool Volunteer. John was our primary hair and wig designer since he was inmiddle school and 14 years old, till he graduated from HS. His hair design credits include UAF's TheMystery of Edwin DroodWho's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and Threepenny Opera.He has played a Pirate in the Fairbanks Shakespeare Co. Peter Pan, Marriage/He& She in SDA's The Grand Tarot, and regularly performs as the Princess Isis(Daughter of Augusta Von Bracknell, see above) in shows for KDQ & Co.He graduated from H.S. and is an assistant manager (and the PA system recorded"Voice") of ourlocal Fred Meyer store.

StudentshowsDasvedanya40567 33.jpg Stephanie Stowman, has designed numerousshows for the Student Drama Association and the Fairbanks DramaAssociation. Here she is with one of the costumes for her most outrageousshow,

Dasvedanya Mama. Stephanie is attendingUAF to get a second degree, and is a director for The Fairbanks DramaAssociation.

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