Tara's Vintage Pattern Collection

These patterns are some of my private collection of patterns, availablealong with the UAF Costume Shop Stock patterns for free checkout to individuals inAlaska. People needing vintage patterns for study or costuming purposes may borrowthese patterns with either a small deposit or UAF ID number. Many other patterns are alsoavailable including nearly the whole catalog of Folkwear patterns, many Past Patterns, andHalloween costume patterns. To make an appointment to look at the UAF collection orTara's Collection call (907) 474-7630 between 1-5pm M-F Alaska Time.



The 1950's:

1950sPatternsMccall2318 1959.jpg

1950sPatternsSimp2541 late50s.jpg

1950sPatternsSimp5122 c1959.jpg

The 1960's:

1960sPatternsSimp5859 1962.jpg 1962

1960sPatternsMccall7346 1964.jpg 1964

1960sPatternsSimp6094 1965.jpg 1965

1960sPatternsSimp7244 1967.jpg 1967

1960sPatternsMccalls9178 1968.jpg 1968

1960sPatternsSimp7525 1968.jpg 1968

1960sPatternsSimp7526 1968.jpg 1968

1960sPatternsSimp7737 1968.jpg 1968

1960sPatternsSimp7778 1968.jpg 1968

1960sPatternsSimp7792 1968.jpg 1968

1960sPatternsSimp7797 1968.jpg 1968

1960sPatternsSimp7812 1968.jpg 1968

1960sPatternsSimp7866 1968.jpg 1968

1960sPatternsSimp7896 1968.jpg 1968

1960sPatternsSimp7996 1968.jpg 1968

1960sPatternsSimp8511 1969.jpg 1969

1960sPatternsSimp8657 1969.jpg1969

The 1970's:

1970sPatternsButt5731 1970s.jpg c. 1970

1970sPatternsSimp8705 1970.jpg 1970

1970sPatternsMccall2488 1970.jpg 1970

1970sPatternsSimp9992 1971.jpg 1971

1970sPatternsMccall3429 1972.jpg 1972

1970sPatternsSimp5048 1972.jpg 1972

1970sPatternsSimp5745 1973.jpg 1973

1970sPatternsMccall4503 1975.jpg 1975

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