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Real Conversation at a Video Store:

Tara: I've come to pick up "The Draughstman's Contract

Clerk: Would you like another movie?

Tara: Sure, do you have anything else like this?

Clerk: You mean like, with MEN with BIG HAIR??

Tara: Yeah!

Clerk: Um, have you tried "Amadeus"?

General Movie Sites of Interest to Costumers

Ancient History

Medieval, and pseudo Medieval fantasies.

Renaissance and 16th Century.

17th Century

18th Century

Regency romance, and Empire pageantry.

Cowboys and Indians.

Victorian Era

Romantic and Hoop Eras

Bustle Period



1900-1910 period

1910-1920 period

1920-1930 period

1930-1940 period

1940-1950 period

1950-1960 period


The 1960's

The 1970's

The 1980's

The 1990's

Futuristic Movies

Fantasy Movies

Multiple Eras & Exotic Locations

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