Futuristic Costume MoviesFuturistic Costume Movies

Recommended Films:

Aelita, Queen of Mars

Star Wars (series)


Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy

MwbhImagesEquilibrium-photo 01 hires.jpg Equilibrium


The Fifth Element


Blade Runner


X Men


THX 1138


Star Trek (assorted films)

MwbhImages01 sm.jpg

12 Monkeys

The Matrix


Fantastic Voyage

Lost in Space


Flash Gordon


Movie Links:

galleries.php?film=37&id=39@160x120.jpg The Adventures Of Pluto Nash Pictures - MovieWeb

@160x120.jpg flickr Science Fiction-Fantasy Convention Costumes

borg_index.htm@160x120.jpg BORG INDEX Janet's Star Trek Voyager Site - over 23,000 screenshots in episode transcripts and guides

@160x120.jpg Barbarella Queen of the Galaxy

character_costumes.htm@160x120.jpg Fictional Character Costumes - Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars...

@160x120.jpg DH2 - How-to Costume and Prop Building

(Star Wars, Star Trek & other movie costumes)

index.html@160x120.jpg Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, X Files, Voyager, and Deep Space Nine Merchandise

@160x120.jpg Aeon Flux Movie - Official Site:

starwars.html@160x120.jpg StarWars-font

@160x120.jpg Yahoo! Groups : F-Costume (Fantasy and Science Fiction Costuming)

index.html@160x120.jpg MOVIEWEB: Star Trek: First Contact

collect.htm@160x120.jpg Logan's Run Collectors Corner

oscars95.html@160x120.jpg Costumes from Out of This World

home.html@160x120.jpg Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

main.html@160x120.jpg The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- The Official Movie Website

starwarsfancostumes@160x120.jpg Yahoo! Clubs starwarsfancostumes

"No More Spandex" and other X-Men Fan Fic

billtheissinterview.html@160x120.jpg Star Trek costume designer William Ware Theiss

default.asp@160x120.jpg Your Star Wars Toy News and Reference Site

@160x120.jpg BladeZone: The Online Blade Runner Fan Club and Museum

index.shtml@160x120.jpg BBC Online - Cult - Star Trek - Interview - Bob Blackman

1022108313.html@160x120.jpg -- Costume Designer Robert Blackman Talks Re-Inventing TREK

matrix_costumes.htm@160x120.jpg Make A Matrix Costume - Neo, Trinity, Morpheus, Agent Smith...

index.html@160x120.jpg The unofficial TRON web page - Costume Tests

index.html@160x120.jpg MovieWeb - The Matrix Revolutions


index.html@160x120.jpg MovieWeb - The Matrix Reloaded

@160x120.jpg Yahoo! Groups : KlingonCostumes

klingoncostumes@160x120.jpg Yahoo! Clubs klingoncostumes


index.html@160x120.jpg MovieWeb - X2

@160x120.jpg Battlestar Galactica Original Costume and Prop Museum - Sale Items

scificostumers@160x120.jpg Yahoo! Clubs scificostumers

id21.htm@160x120.jpg Borg costume guide

Abby Shot

@160x120.jpg Coats, trenchcoats, movie clothing, replica clothing, japanimation

viewtopic.php?t=30&highlight=equilibrium@160x120.jpg AbbyShot Clothiers Limited :: View topic - Equilibrium - a matrix knock-off movie with better coats

collide.html@160x120.jpg Celluloid Wrappers: When Costumes Collide

terryryan.html@160x120.jpg Terry Ryan designer of Farscape Interview

streetarmor.htm@160x120.jpg Road Warrior Mad Max Style Street Armour

@160x120.jpg Countdown to Minority Report (2002)

id21.htm@160x120.jpg Borg costume guide

@160x120.jpg Star Trek Uniform Guide

@160x120.jpg Build Your Own Light Saber - Main

index.html@160x120.jpg DH2 - Costume and Prop Building Star Wars Series

main.html@160x120.jpg Building An Evil Ash Costume


index.shtml@160x120.jpg The Padawan's Guide to Star Wars Prequel Costuming

starwars.html@160x120.jpg Star Wars FX

index.html@160x120.jpg Kin-Char Bamin, Jedi Knight

news_tatopoulos.html@160x120.jpg Patrick Tatopoulos Interview - Battlefield Earth: A Unified Vision

@160x120.jpg Smithsonian Exhibit: Star Wars The Magic of Myth

@160x120.jpg The Unofficial Flash Gordon Movie Page


index.html@160x120.jpg MOVIEWEB: The Fifth Element

@160x120.jpg The Fifth Element


index.html@160x120.jpg Hollywood Online / The Fifth Element

starwars_nov97.html@160x120.jpg Star Wars On the Mall

helmsdeep.html@160x120.jpg Craft Foam Armor Tutorial

index.htm@160x120.jpg The Realm of the Jedielfqueen (Tutorials on craft foam armor, fabric paint embroidery, templates, and many things for making LOTR and Star Wars fan costumes)

armormaking.html@160x120.jpg Armormaking 101 - Main Page (Craft Foam sheet and Polystyrene sheet armor)

@160x120.jpg Guyver BioArmor (Cast Armor) Construction Site

@160x120.jpg Studio Creations: (How to info for making Vacuuform armor)

armor.html@160x120.jpg AA's Prop Armor

propcloset.html@160x120.jpg Amethyst's Walk-in Prop Closet

FunFoam.htm@160x120.jpg Fun Foam

SamOrcArmor.htm@160x120.jpg Sam - Orc Armor (Making LOTR fan armor from leather and craft foam)

index.html@160x120.jpg MOVIEWEB: Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition

@160x120.jpg Battlestar Galactica Original Costume and Prop Museum

@160x120.jpg Star Wars: Welcome to the Official Web Site

webring?ring=sw;list@160x120.jpg Star Wars Ring

star.html@160x120.jpg Star Wars: The Magic of Myth, MFA Houston


index.html@160x120.jpg MOVIEWEB: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

index.html@160x120.jpg Movieweb: The Matrix

vadermaker.htm@160x120.jpg VaderMaker - The Ultimate Vader Costuming Site

3130.html@160x120.jpg Designing X-Men

hub?ring=howtomakeastarwa@160x120.jpg WebRing: "How to Make a Star Wars Prop or Costume" WebRing

3365.html@160x120.jpg A Peek at the X-Men Costumes

@160x120.jpg Home Made Star Wars Costumes


@160x120.jpg Rule The Planet

@160x120.jpg Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes

@160x120.jpg Planet of the Apes Movie pages

@160x120.jpg Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy - Higher learning: from a certain point of view.

x-men.html@160x120.jpg X Men Costume Renderings and other stuff


@160x120.jpg Mutant Watch

MwbhImagesAmidala window.jpg

index.html@160x120.jpg How To Make Star Wars Props And Costumes

TUBFC@160x120.jpg Yahoo! Groups : TUBFC · The Ultimate Boba Fett Costume

VaderCreators@160x120.jpg Yahoo! Groups : VaderCreators

Main_Starwars.html@160x120.jpg Starwars Replicas ANH, ESB, Greedo, ST Blasters

costume.htm@160x120.jpg Klingon Kostume How-To


klingon_costuming@160x120.jpg Yahoo! Groups : klingon_costuming

index.html@160x120.jpg DH2 - Definitive How To make Star Wars Costumes (Vacuuform)

@160x120.jpg Stormtrooper Information Central

mmenu.htm@160x120.jpg GoldenArmor Main Menu


@160x120.jpg Rodney's Lost in Space

@160x120.jpg 12 Monkeys Things

metropo.htm@160x120.jpg Fritz Lang's Metropolis

Ocampa.html#vauge@160x120.jpg Star Trek Voyager Kes' Wardrobe

costumeindex.html@160x120.jpg Tharanis fancy dress creations

Movies & Stuff for Sale:

thecostumersmani@160x120.jpg Video: Aelita - Queen of Mars

Costumes at BuyCostumes

thecostumersmani@160x120.jpg Video: X-Men

The Matrix Reloaded - Trinity

redirect.asp?aid=280808&item=357933@160x120.jpg Buy This Poster At

The Matrix Reloaded - Smith

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The Matrix Reloaded - Niobe

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The Matrix Reloaded - Neo

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redirect.asp?aid=280808&item=357929@160x120.jpg [1]

The Matrix Reloaded - Morpheus

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redirect.asp?aid=280808&item=357927@160x120.jpg [2]

The Matrix Reloaded - Persephone

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thecostumersmani@160x120.jpg Video: The Matrix

thecostumersmani@160x120.jpg Video: The Fifth Element

thecostumersmani@160x120.jpg Video:

thecostumersmani@160x120.jpg The Fifth Element

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