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The Costumer's Manifesto: THR 351 Theatre Makeup Spring 2007 Student Images

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Aged Self

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Bruises, Cuts, Burns

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Gothic Horror

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Makeup2007Goth07april07 116.jpg Chronic Town

Film Internship:

I had the opportunity to work with Jackie on makeup design and execution. I learned basic aging and injury makeup. I am taking makeup for theatre at the moment so I was able to compare and contrast the different elements of stage makeup versus film makeup. Everything is less accentuated and bold with film makeup and the amount of highlighting used in greatly diminished. I was able to help with some of the makeup used for the strip club scene, and basic imperfection reducing makeup.The most important part of film makeup is making sure that the subjects are as shine free as possible, since a high definition camera picks up imperfections and shine and accentuates those features and issues.

I was also able to discuss makeup coloring and how to make a subject as natural as possible and still be as perfect as possible. For example blush used on almost anyone should be a peach based blush, as it is the most natural and fits almost any complexion. As for eye liner, if the subject has small eyes then lining the eyes outside the eyelashes is recommended as it enhances the eye shape and size. However, if the subject already has prominent eyes, then lining the eyes on the inside of the lashes is used to balance the other facial features with each other. A neutral lip shade of medium glossiness is recommended as well, however, it should be fairly translucent, so it doesn't come across as too artificial in the photograph or the film screen. The idea behind film makeup is to accentuate the subjects natural beauty and features without coming across as made up.

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Hello!! I've been working with some photographers lately on my modeling portfolio, and had the chance to try some different techniques required for different effects. Some of the techniques used included different eye lining techniques, illuminating techniques, and using glamour makeup to create different effects.








oops! here, one other photo, I used a silver illuminating cream to give the photo the glow it has in combination with lighting. A couple of the other photos I had done, also use different types of illuminating creams and powders!!


Thanks Tara!!

This class has been great!! and it gave me the tools to be an effect makeup artist both on the film set and during photo shoots for modeling portfolios!!!


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