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Recently, a new way of seeing the past and present of clothing around the world has emerged. Growing out of Post-Modernist and Post-Colonial Sociology, "Fashion Theory" as it has come to be called (after the scholarly journal of that name), expands on, contradicts, and re-imagines the traditional views of the history of fashion and dress left to us by pioneering theorists like James Laver, Georg Simmel, and others. Note: this page is not operated by or connected to the Berg Publishing

house, or the journal Fashion Theoryin any way. It is one of many links pages on

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Books on Fashion Theory

fthome.htm@160x120.jpg Fashion Theory at OSU

noland.html@160x120.jpg High Decoration: Sonia Delaunay, Blaise Cendrars, and the Poem as Fashion Design

unclex01.htm@160x120.jpg The Psychology of Dress - 1920 - Google Book SearchH.G. Wells: "Of Conversation and the Anatomy of Fashion

tutor2.html@160x120.jpg Why do we wear clothes


thecostumersmani@160x120.jpg Fashion Theory [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION]

msubtheory.htm@160x120.jpg Fashion Theory Links

gender.htm@160x120.jpg Class, Gender, and Material Culture

fthome.htm@160x120.jpg FASHION THEORY: OSU

content2.html@160x120.jpg The Look On-Line: A New York Fashion Industry E-zine

thecostumersmani@160x120.jpg buying info: Dress and Morality

Ross_06.html@160x120.jpg Edward A. Ross: Social Psychology: Chapter 6: Fashion

finkelstein.html@160x120.jpg Chic Theory


(2-volume hard back slip cased orgy of costume porn photos - You want these books, believe me.) Deception@160x120.jpg Deception Beauty is Shape

what_is_fashion.htm@160x120.jpg The meaning of fashion and why we wear designer labels and aspire to Haute Couture.

lavers_law.htm@160x120.jpg Laver's Law, A Timeline of Style

thecostumersmani@160x120.jpg Fashion Foundations: Early Writings on Fashion and Dress (Dress, Body, Culture)

spencer.html@160x120.jpg D-Cups, Groin-guards & Supermodels: Writing the body into history

background.htm@160x120.jpg College Professor Fashion Conformity

index.html@160x120.jpg The Theory of the Leisure Class by Thorstein Veblen 1899

(Full text)

vebleis7.html@160x120.jpg Chapter Seven -- Dress as an Expression of the Pecuniary Culture

Chap1.html@160x120.jpg Theory of the Leisure Class - Chapter One

(Another site with the same text)

chap7.html@160x120.jpg Theory of the Leisure Class - Chapter Seven - Dress as an Expression of Pecuniary Culture

Thomas_1908_b.html@160x120.jpg W.I. Thomas: The Psychology of Woman's Dress (1908)

clothes.htm@160x120.jpg Clothes, Fashion and Meaning

nw1958.html@160x120.jpg BODY ART Resources from Nerd World Media®

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anorexia.htm@160x120.jpg Disordered Beauty: Anorexia at Beauty Worlds:

watch?v=8PWdW4BruF4@160x120.jpg YouTube - The Distortion of Beauty

mbi1.html@160x120.jpg Male Body Image

knit.html@160x120.jpg Knitting: a case study

@160x120.jpg Fashion Worlds

includes the info from the old site:School Matters School Lesson Plans dealing with Subjects relating to Beauty, Self Image, Cosmetic Surgery, Cultural notions of Beauty, etc.

DiscoveryStore - The Bald Truth Video

macEx8.html@160x120.jpg Mackay, Charles, Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, Chapter 8: Section about Men's beards and long Hair, beliefs about morality & history and the extreme way people fuss about it

DiscoveryStore - Survival of the Prettiest Video

humanface.html@160x120.jpg Human Face -- The Learning Channel (TLC) -- human face

ProductDisplay?storeId=10000&langId=-1&catalogId=10000&productId=12198@160x120.jpg DiscoveryStore - The Human Face with John Cleese Video Set

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