Eskimo Traditional Dress, Jewelry and Dolls in the UAF Museum

Traditional Dress and Beadwork in The University of Alaska Museum

EskimoTraditional Dress, Jewelry and Dolls

Click Thumbnails to see larger photos1.Wooden Sunglasses:

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 00.jpg

2. Doll of a hunter wearing a birdskin parka

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 01.jpg

3. Back of a woman's dress parka with"sunshine" ruff (post 1920) in wolverine fur, body of parka is predominantly inarctic ground squirrel (short brown gray fur) andHolstein calf skin (black and whitepatterned sections), the rear of the sunshine ruff is in Beaver, and there is red fox trim(long orange fur) on arms.

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 02.jpg

4. Front of above parka..

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 03.jpg

5. Labrets, and a carved "pocket watch" inwalrus ivory.

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 04.jpg

6. Combination earrings and necklace.

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 05.jpg

7. Woman's sealskin overall worn by costal Eskimos

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 06.jpg

8. Sewing Implements (Ulu knives) made from old sawblades:

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 08.jpg

9. Doll parka similar to figs 3 & 4, plus smalldoll in cloth parka.

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 09.jpg

8. Dance headdress for a woman, with wolverine furtop.

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 10.jpg

.9.Detail of a Shaman's belt with bone fetishesand glass beads.

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 11.jpg

10 Complete view of above belt.

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 12.jpg

11. Woman's dance headdress.

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 13.jpg

12. Doll wearing sunbleached gutskin parka..

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 14.jpg

13. Doll dressed in pre-contact style infant wintergarment. This type of garment includes an open crotch, where a diaper is worn over theopening, and filled with soakers of dried lichen. The hands of the garment are sewn shutto discourage frostbite, and strings of beads are sewn to the hand-ends for the child toplay with.

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 15.jpg

14. Wooden spirit masks used in storytelling dancerituals.

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 16.jpg

15. Fur lined gloves.

AknativeMuseumpicts92910 17.jpg

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