Alaska Native Traditional Dress and Beadwork in The Sheldon JacksonMuseum,

Alaska Native Traditional Dress and Beadwork in The SheldonJackson Museum, Sitka

(This is NOT an official site of the Sheldon Jackson Museum, just somephotos I took on vacation years ago.)


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AknativeMuseumpicts92918 07.jpg Eskimo fishskin boots

AknativeMuseumpicts92918 08.jpg Detail of Eskimofishskin parka

AknativeMuseumpicts92918 09.jpg Eskimo Fishskin Parka

AknativeMuseumpicts92918 12.jpg Detail ofTlingitBeadwork

AknativeMuseumpicts92918 13.jpgTlingit Beaded tunic

AknativeMuseumpicts92918 14.jpgTlingit Beadwork.

AknativeMuseumpicts92918 15.jpgTlingit Beaded Tunic

AknativeMuseumpicts92914 13.jpg Athabaskan Tunic andTrousers

AknativeMuseumpicts92914 12.jpg Detail of above tunic.

AknativeMuseumpicts92914 14.jpg Early Photo of EskimoDancers

AknativeMuseumpicts92914 15.jpg Detail of AthabaskanBeadwork Trimming

AknativeMuseumpicts92914 17.jpg Athabaskan Tunic

AknativeMuseumpicts92914 16.jpg Detail of above tunic

AknativeMuseumpicts92914 18.jpg Eskimo fishskin parka

AknativeMuseumpicts92914 19.jpg Another Eskimo fishskinparka

AknativeMuseumpicts92914 20.jpg Detail of a fishskinparka

AknativeMuseumpicts92914 21.jpg Yet another fishskinparka

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