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TravelAlaska92872 14.jpg Sled dogs in blue mittens wait for the judges inspectionprior to the 1996 Yukon Quest Race

TravelAlaska92872 17.jpg A local beauty queen and racer dressed in Athabaskan gearwaits to have her photo taken by her sponsoring newspaper.

TravelAlaska92872 20.jpg Tara wrapped in her fur-linedcoat watches the activity at the starting line (Photo by Lee Foster).

TravelAlaska92872 23.jpg Sled dogs waiting at thestarting line have to be physically restrained from running. The dogs love racing so muchthey appear to be going mad from excitement in the minutes before the handlers let themgo.

TravelAlaska92872 21.jpg Summer and early Fall ismushroom hunting season in Alaska. Although this (1996) year was a disappointment due to adrought, most years hunting mushrooms and berries in August is a bit like shooting fish ina barrel. Here Milla Kalen picks tiny yellow earth tongues as spice for pasta sauce. Toher rear, dressed in her orange hunting scarf, is

Shoelace theCostume Shop cat.

AknativeTuma92874 11.jpg Evelyn Alexander, anAthabaskan Elder from Minto, sings in the

Tuma Theatre productionof

Naam/Gen Eehu, a performance based on stories of her life.

TravelAlaska92912 14.jpgWaiting in line at the AlaskaState Ferry dock in Haines, this "Alaskan Motor Home" prepares to drive on boardthe Marine Highway Systems Ship to Seattle for a Summer of touring the Lower 48.

TravelAlaska84868 09.jpg

TravelAlaska84868 13.jpg Some icesculptures from the Fairbanks Winter Carnival, 1998. The Carnival, held in lateMarch includes one of the great international ice carving contests. Photos of

Tara & Lorraine visiting the 1999 Ice Alaska Display

AknativeMuseumpicts92912 05.jpg AthabaskanBeadwork is one of many attractions at the

UAF Museum inFairbanks.


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