Why you should put your costume shop on the Internet. Why You Should Put Your Costume Shop on the Internet.

Increasing quantities of people now use the Internet as their main information gathering tool. High school and college students especially are more likely to use the net both to find college programs, and to gather research materials for school papers than more conventional library sources. Many adults use the Internet for shopping and entertainment, spending hours surfing the net instead of TV viewing. Putting information about your shop on the Internet gives you a cheap way of advertising what you do to these people.

Student Recruitment--- Students now shop for colleges and programs online. A color flier with many pages of text and photos of your theatre program & costume shop facilities costs a fortune to make, and a greater fortune to send out to potential students. A web page need only cost the time to make it, and is delivered directly to the student at no cost.

Public Information--- Your community members who come to see your productions are curious about the technical areas of your theatre. Informing them about your backstage activities encourages ticket sales, volunteers, donations, and backstage school tours. This last item later leads to student recruitment and community goodwill.

Increased Rentals--- If you rent your costumes to other theatres or the general public, a web site is indispensable for informing people of the fact, and can save time by telling them of your hours of operation, terms and conditions, and existing stock.

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"The Costumer's Manifesto"
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