SEVEN STEPS TO PUTTING YOUR COSTUME SHOP ONLINE Quick methodsfor putting information about your costume shop


A poster presentation to be delivered at theUSITT conference in Denver, March 2000: Quick methods for putting information about your costume shop/costume program on to the Internet. Shows where to get freeweb space, how to make images for putting on the Net, and how to build a Web page without knowing HTML. Also offersadvice on content. Will include brief information on the topics below, with a handout listing URL's for furtherinformation.

Why you should put your costume shop on the Internet. Student Recruitment

Public Information

Increased Rentals

Encouraging Donations

What you should put on your site. Staff & Students

Services (rentals, loans, workshops, tours)


Program Information


General Information (hours of operation, policies, etc.)

Culture (why you are different/better/interesting)

How to make pictures that will work on the net. Scanning done by Photo Processors

Electronic Camera


Putting the site together WYSIWYG Web Editors

Making Pages in Word

Online Wizards

Where to get free web space. Your University

Your ISP

Free Online Providers

How to Put your site Online FTP

Online Wizards

How to Get your New Site Listed Search Engines

Costume Web Ring


How to support the costs of hosting your costume site through affiliate programs

See Also

(much more extensive than this presentation).

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