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I retired early from UAF back in 2007, so the Theatre UAF Costume Shop Web presence Has Moved to Theatre UAF Official Site however, old and new UAF students may appreciate these old pages about the costume studio during my time there from 1988-2007. So here is a trip down memory lane. ---Tara Maginnis

Take the old tour of the The UAF Costume Shop HERE! and see more pages about Theatre UAF below...

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Costume Classes

Links to Costume Shops on the WWW

Costume Shop Quotes

Theatre UAF Antique Costume Collection

Costume Dyeing and Painting

"Costumes at Theatre UAF" Photos, 1990-1996 by Tara Maginnis

The Secret History of the Graffiti Hall

Shoelace The Costume Shop Cat

Theatre UAF Social Life & Customs (inc. Monkey Balls)

Makeup Policy for Actors

Theatre UAF Actor Headshot Page

Dale Seeds Scene Design Class Projects

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Product Links

Theatre UAF Official Site

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