It was noted many years ago that rampant colds and flutypically ripped through the cast of our productions during dress rehearsal/opening weekespecially when we were in the habit of using communal makeup supplies. While this ismainly the result of the increased stress and strain on the body caused by late hours andthe rigors of performance, it is also sometimes spread and aggravated by sharing makeupsupplies. Therefore, back in 1990 it was decided that, (except in cases requiringspecialized makeup supplies) ALL CAST MEMBERS SHOULD PROVIDE THEMSELVES WITH THEIR OWNMAKEUP KITS, AND AVOID SHARING MAKEUP SUPPLIES AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

However, since some cast members in large shows arenot experienced with makeup, and many non-theatre majors may not want to purchase fulltheatrical makeup kits, I have devised a plan for a very basic kit, composed of ordinary"street" makeup, available at most local drugstores. While this IS NOTEQUIVALENT to a real theatrical makeup kit, it will suffice for any show requiring onlyminimal "corrective" makeup.

The list of supplies below is only a suggestion of the cheapestpossible choices for makeup. Naturally, if you have any better makeup at your disposalalready, you should use it. However, you absolutely should provide yourself with at leastone each of the following categories of supplies:

Base Color (covering makeup just slightly darker or pinker than your actual skin tone)

Highlight (several shades lighter than the base tone)

Shadow (several shades darker than the base tone)

Powder (loose or pressed powder about the same color as base)

Lipliner (reddish brown pencil)

Eyeliner (brown pencil for light hair, black pencil for dark hair)

Bar of soap and a washcloth

Clean receptacle in which to keep supplies

Makeup Sponge (provided by Tara)

Please note, because of lighting washing out the features,women who are used to wearing makeup should know that stage makeup is usually 1-2 shadesdarker than your usual street makeup. People who don't usually wear makeup should knowthat wearing no makeup on a large stage, under many sorts of stage light can make your face look much like the moon: pale, greenish,flat, shiny, and bloblike. Going without makeup is usuallyNOT ACCEPTABLE.

Where to get CHEAP MAKEUP KIT SUPPLIES in Fairbanks:

Item Numbers of suitable supplies in Wet 'N' Wild Makeup.

Total Cost $10-12 at Fred Meyer, or KMart.

Pale ComplexionMedium ComplexionDark Complexion823 Powder823 Powder824 Powder843 Liquid Base845 or 844 Liquid Base846 Liquid Base803 Cover Stick (highlight)803 Cover Stick (highlight)801 Cover Stick (highlight)510 Lipstick (shadow)510 or 508 Lipstick (shadow)508 Lipstick (shadow)666 Pencil (lipliner)666 Pencil (lipliner)666 Pencil (lipliner)652 Pencil (eyeliner)655 Pencil (eyeliner)651 Pencil (eyeliner)The Costumer's Manifesto is proudly hosted by

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