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THEATRE MAKE-UPTHR 351---Spring 2007

Instructor:Tara I may be found 1-4:30 M, and 1-5 Tu, Th, F in the Costume Shop, THEA 107 or in my office THEA 105, with occasional time out when meetings are called. If you need any additional help with this class, I am nearly always around.

Catalog Description:

2007 SpringTHR F351 F01Makeup For TheaterTara Maginnis3 Theatrical makeup for actors, teachers, directors, and other theatre workers; makeup materials and use, age and character makeup, injuries and horror, kabuki, cross-gender, animal, illusory and plastic relief, crepe hair beards, and influence of lighting. Student will spend approximately $85 for materials and book for this class

Class Time & Place: Wednesday 3:30-6:30 pm, THEA 106, Women's Makeup room.

Class Web Page: go to The Costumer’s Manifesto at click on “Classes,” and then click on “Theatre Makeup”.Photos that I take of you in class will be posted there, where you can download or print out the images.A copy of this syllabus will also be online there, along with images from previous classes that you can use for study.

Student Learning OutcomesTo learn basic make-up techniques for use in the theatre, including old age, beards, etc.

Materials:Theatrical make-up kit; hand towel; cold cream, baby oil, or makeup remover; bar of soap; tackle box or other container; pencil sharpener, colored pencils for renderings.You will need these supplies by the fourth class meeting.One set of ready-made latex prosthetics (elf ears, nose, Klingon forehead, etc.) ordered online or bought at Party Palace, needed for class on April 25th

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NOTE: As a general rule (because of the Alaskan tendency to go pale in winter) you will find that if you are European, light Middle Eastern or East Indian, Alaska Native, Asian or Native American you may want to get a “White” kit.If you are Dark Hispanic, East Indian or Middle Eastern, or medium or light African, you will want an Olive kit.Only very dark African skin tones usually need a Black kit in Alaska because we all tend to go several shades paler than usual in our climate.If you can only find the right tone kit in the opposite sex, get the right tone and ignore the kit’s gender, the sex differences in the kits are minor, but the tone differences are considerable.If you are planning to transfer next semester to UCLA or some other place where you will be getting lots of sun, you may prefer to get a darker kit than I advise above, since your skin tone will change to match it, but be aware that it may be a bit more of a nuisance to work with while you are here and looking like the Alaskan version of the living dead.If you already have bought a theatrical makeup kit similar to the ones at the bookstore feel free to use it, the choice of brand is immaterial to this class.Every major theatrical makeup company (Ben Nye, Kryolan, Graftobian, Bob Kelly, Grimas) makes excellent student makeup kits.

Instructional methods (and related grading info):Most classes will begin with a demo where I will show you how to do a style of theatrical makeup.After the demonstration occurs, the remainder of class time you will spend working on your own face (or that of a volunteer you bring to class) and getting help from me in how to do the assigned makeup.

Students who wear Glasses:Most students who wear glasses (other than reading glasses) find the mirrors in our makeup room are set at the wrong distance for clear vision.Other students also often find this to be true.If you wear glasses, or are having trouble with our mirrors, please select one of the lighted magnifying mirrors we have located in the large makeup supply cabinet in the Hat/Laundry Room in the Costume Shop for use each day in class.

Students with Beards and/or skin problems:If at any time, for any reason, you want to avoid doing the assigned makeup on your own face, you may bring in a volunteer whom you have recruited for the purpose.Some students have elected to do this for a full semester with one volunteer, or intermittently with several.If you have a beard you will need to plan on finding a volunteer to apply a beard to for famous Beard Day March 30.

Grading: Grading is based on a system of points given for successful completion of assignments.The assignments are completed in class and are due on the dates stated.Therefore attendance is a "must." There are 500 points obtainable in the regular assignments and there is no extra credit in this class. Students with valid medical excuses for absence can take alternative assignments at the discretion of the instructor. Makeup may be done on one’s own face or that of a volunteer provided by the student. Grading is based on the following table:

This comes out to:

375-337 pts= A 100-90%

336-300 pts= B89-80%

299-262 pts= C79-70%

261-225 pts= D69-60%

224-0 pts= F59-0%

Evaluation: Project assignments will be graded based on

25% Completion (Is the project really done, or have important steps been left unfinished?)

25% Neatness, accuracy, clarity (How much have your drawing/makeup skills improved?)

25% Creativity (Are the choices you have made in design or application boring and ill thought out or interesting and clever?)

25% Practicality (Would the project actually be usable in a show on stage?)


Rendering- drawing of a design which one intends to execute.

Makeup rendering- drawing of a makeup design one intends to execute

Morgue- an organized file of clippings.

Makeup Morgue- an organized collection of clippings, pictures and old renderings to aid in inspiration for makeup design.

Support Services:UAF Student Support Services office is located in 508 Gruening Building Phone: (907) 474 6844Fax: (907) 474 7480 and further information may be obtained at or by E-mail:

Important selections from the UAF Student Code of Conduct:“UAF requires students to conduct themselves honestly and responsibly, and to respect the rights of others. Conduct that unreasonably interferes with the learning environment or that violates the rights of others is prohibited….

Course calendar: The Tentative schedule for the demosis as follows (Points for assignments are listed in brackets.)

Jan 17:Course introduction and syllabus. Talk about bones.Photograph Faces. Show parts of makeup kits. Learn your Mantra: “There is nothing wrong with my face

Jan 24:Looking at yourself, highlighting & shadowing your own features [10], discuss face photos, Work on assignment due for Feb 9:Make Face Outline Sheets and self-portrait.

Jan 31:Drawing of your face & face outline sheet due [15]Watch video “The Face”; participation [10]

Feb 7: Basic "corrective" makeup [15], If possible, bring in photos of parents/grandparents or other older relatives next week.

Feb 14: Middle and old age [15]. Make drawing of your aged face on outline sheet in class [5]

Feb 21:Middle-aged character [20]. Character makeup rendering due at beginning of class [15]

Feb 28: 3-D makeup: Makeup using putty nose [15] rendering due at beginning of class [10] preliminary makeup morgue due [15]

Feb 7:Bruises, cuts and burns (15)


Mar 21: Dead Guys in Beards. Do a makeup design based on an historic image of a guy in a beard. The best folks to pick are famous ones where you can get lots of images like Lenin, Darwin, Charles I, Frederick Douglas, Emperor Meiji, Dickens, etc.Xeroxed source material. [5]. Beard [15] makeup likeness to original [5].

March 28:Animal [15].Animal photo or drawing [5] Animal makeup rendering [10] due at beginning of class

April 4:Vampires, wolf men and Ghouls.Rendering [10] Makeup of horror character [15]

Apr 11: Drag queens, period fops, Hollywood starlets, etc. The over-made-up look Reverse sex character (or not as you wish) [15]. Make-up rendering due at beginning of class [15] photo/painting of inspiration/model [5].

Apr 18:Kabuki or Chinese opera or Alaskan/African/Asian Mask [15].Print of Original source due [5], Makeup rendering due at beginning of class [10]

April 25:Makeup with ready-made latex prosthetics. Rendering of alien, elf, werewolf or whatever (10) Makeup with appliance (15)

May 2: “Floating” date (for when Tara is too sick to do a demo) Watch makeup videos, discuss, participation [10] this date may move to any other that occurs when Tara is having a migraine, or other illness, which will move the remaining schedule forward for one week.

Final Exam Period:Wednesday May 9 at Usual Class time:Final project rendering [15], makeup design of your choice [20]. Final makeup morgue due [20].

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