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Stage Makeup Class at DVC2010 Class Images

2009 Class Images

These are the old makeup class teaching pages from when I taught Theatre Makeup at UAF:

The big list of

Mask and Makeup Links

Spring 2007 Syllabus

Spring 2007 Student Images

Teacher Demos

The Parti-Colored Monkey Ball Mask-a-Rave (2006)

Makeup at the The Pinstripes and Diamonds Monkey Ball (2007)

More Monkey Balls!

Course Outline and general Information with Photos of past Class Projects

thecostumersmani@160x120.jpg Theatrical Makeup Design Interactive Complete Set DVD by Tara Maginnis,& Kade Mendelowitz

Spring 2006 Student Images

Spring 2005 Student Images

Spring 2004 Student Images

Spring 2003 Student Images

Spring 2002 Student Images

Spring 2001 Student Images

Spring 2000 Student Images

A female face from birth to 46 in pictures (Tara)

Horror Makeup Photos

Drag and Reverse Sex

Animal Makeup

3-D Makeup

"Corrective" Makeup

Dueling Lenin/Lennon Beards and Makeup

Old/Middle Age Makeup

Mask or Kabuki Makeup

Misc. Other Makeup

Plastering Heads

Makeup finals.

Looking for a different text? See

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Tara Maginnis' Portfolio

See the


See Tara's

Faces Paintings -thatDecorate the Makeup room.

See Tara's makeup renderings for

The Bacchae and

Threepenny Opera

See the

Blue Monkey Ball photos, including makeup designs by the 1998class.

Books on Makeup

Old Theatrical Makeup Kits

A complete professional actor's kit in it's original tin box, most probably used by a white male in the early 20th Century.

A barely used kit contents suggestive of a white female (amateur?) ingénue 1900-1925?

Complete and unused white female Max Factor theatrical "student" kit in original box (1940's?)

Assorted old theatrical makeup supplies and boxes.

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