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What is The History of Fashion and Dress?

'What is The History of Fashion and Dress?'

This course formerly was an upper division, 3 unit, undergraduate, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Theatre Department class in the history of costume. Designed to provide theatrical costumers with a basic understanding of major periods in Western clothing history, and a working ability to research clothing of any culture or era, it was also geared to appeal to the broader social and historical interests of students involved in history, women's studies, sociology and psychology.Because the author, Tara Maginnis, is now retired from UAF, this course is no longer available for credit, HOWEVER, this course is publicly accessible by non students wishing to use the text, discussion boards, or images for personal study. Anyone may view the class lectures, take part in class discussions, and do assignments for their own personal entertainment or education.

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"The Costumer's Manifesto"
by Tara Maginnis