The History of Fashion and Dress WeekWeek #11:

Research with Vintage Garments Step 1:Read

care.html@160x120.jpg Kent State University Museum: Care of Historic Costume and Textiles


gltextiles.html@160x120.jpg SCMRE Textiles Guidelines

Step 2:To record your study garment, take photographs of the garment from all sides, INCLUDING THE INSIDE, with close up details, if your camera permits this. Send in the photos for processing. If you do not have access to a scanner or

digital camera, check the option of having your photos scanned to disk by the processor.

HistoryUafcollection44477 05.jpg1930's party dress from the

Theatre UAF Historic Costume Collection'

Step 3:Read postings on the CostumeHistoryClass@160x120.jpg Message Board

about your garment. The instructor (and hopefully your fellow students) will give you hints about where to do searches for information on garments similar to yours. Start looking for information that will add to a final report on your study garment.

This Concludes Week #11's Lesson

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antqtext.htm@160x120.jpg Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Storing Antique Textiles

DEC9.html@160x120.jpg Textile Conservation

acidfree.html@160x120.jpg SCMRE Guideline: Acid Free Tissue Paper for Textiles and Costume

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