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The Costumer's Manifesto: Tara Maginnis Biographical Info Tara Maginnis, Ph. D.



Instructor: TaraMaginnis, Ph.D


web site: Tara@costumes.org

Tara was a professor and costume designer in the theatre@160x120.jpg Theatre Department

of the University of Alaska Fairbanks

from 1990-2007She now is living in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she is care giving for a family member and is also a part time costume design specialist at Diablo Valley College

However, she is best known for her creation of The Costumer's Manifesto

, one of the World Wide Web's largest, and most eclectic, costume sites.

You can view her

portfolio of Costume and Makeup designs online. Her

resume is also online, as well as images from her

latest shows, updated regularly.



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, Albert Racinet.

Tara has written numerous

articles for Theatre Design and Technology, the Journal of The United States Institute of Theatre Technology, of which she is a member. Tara also was the

computer columnist for The Costume Research Journal,the former quarterly publication of the USITT Costume Commission. Tara has published articles in CostumeTheatre Crafts, and the Ladies' Gallery as well as other magazines. She is also a member of The Costume Society of America, The Costume Society (UK), The International Costumer's Guild, and Costumer's Guild West.

Tara is available for conference presentations and workshops. She has given workshops at USITT, NWDC, Costume Con and other venues on items as varied as

Putting your Costume Program Online

The Stripper as Sexual Ideal

Alaska Native Dress

Faculty Web Page Design,

Putting Design into the Hands of the Actor and Multimedia in Theatre Education. She has experience in authoring online classes, and teaching using the web and other computer applications.

Tara enjoys

dumpster diving in the summer months to find home decorating materials. Most summers she

travels to costume museums to take photos for the Manifesto site.

Tarapics2005Img 1783.jpgThere is also now an online interview with Tara in

maginnis-interview.html@160x120.jpg From Brecht to Dada to Dumpster Diver Décor

And a

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