Costume Crafts MATERIALS


Acetone: All hardware and paint stores.

Acrylic casting resin: Hobby shops, Standard Brands paint stores, and large hardware stores.

"Badger" airbrush: For a cheap one, look in model and hobby stores, art supply stores and Standard Brands paint stores. Good ones sell in art supply and tank oxygen stores for $100+.

"Barge" cement: Shoe repair stores, leather supplyand large hardware stores. Accept no "just as good as" substitutes, no matter what the sales clerks say.

Buckram: Accept heavyweight buckram only. Available through millinery suppliers, stores that specialize in theatrical fabrics and large fabric stores with extensive bridal departments. In fabric stores ask them to look in the bridal department's drawers, as employees rarely know what buckram is

Catalyst (for acrylic resin): Available in the same places as acrylic casting resin. If

catalyst is not on the store shelf, ask at the counter. It is some times kept there to prevent minors from stealing it to sniff for a "high."

"Celastic": Available from larger theatrical supply houses (places that sell show and display paint as well as costume and lighting instruments.) Mostly will need to be ordered in bulk, in advance.

Clear acrylic extender: Art supply stores, student book stores, large paint stores.

Corset bones, see: Steel corset bones.

Dress form or suit form: Large fabric stores and sewing machine stores for new "home" ones, tailoring supply stores for new "Tailor's" ones, and thrift stores for old ones of both types. Borrow one if you can from your college costume shop.

Facial tissue: (This means "Kleenex" in the vernacular) drugstores, grocery stores.

Felt, see: hatter's felt, ordinary wool felt and industrial felt.

Five-Minute Leaf Size: Art supply stores, Standard Brands paint stores.

Foam pad: Large hardware stores, Standard Brands paint stores, surplus and camping stores.

Gesso: Student bookstores, art supply stores, Standard Brands paint stores, crafts stores.

Glue, see: "Barge" cement, "Phlex" glue, hot glue gun and pellets, "Sobo" glue and White glue.

Goggles: Hardware stores, paint stores, welder's supply stores.

Gold leaf, see: Leaf, gold, silver and variegated.

Grosgrain ribbon: Any size fabric store, ask what it is if you aren't sure.

Hat block: Antique stores, thrift stores, flea markets. Borrow one if you can from your costume shop or Home Economics department. Try large wholesale millinery supply places by mail.

Hat wire: Millinery supply stores, theatrical fabric stores, large fabric stores with large bridal departments. Ask them to look in drawers and cabinets near the bridal headdresses.

Head form: wig stores and thrift stores.

Veriform AKA "Hexalite": Write to: Douglas and Sturgis, 730 Bryant St., San Francisco, CA 94901, Phone (415)421-4456.

Hot air gun: Large hardware stores, Sears.

Hot glue gun and pellets: Any size hardware store. If the employees don't know what it is check the caulking section, the wood glue section and the soldering gun section to find it. For costuming purposes the smallest guns and sticks work best. Hot melt caulking works as well as glue if the store in low on glue.

Industrial Felt: Large hardware and building supply stores, Keytone Hardware and paint stores.

Latex molding compound, see: Raw latex.

Latex paint (scenic or house): Paint stores, ask scene shops where they get their show and display paint locally or ask to borrow a cup of theirs.

Latex paint (tube): Student bookstores, art supply stores, Standard Brands paint stores.

Leaf, gold, silver, and variegated: Standard Brands paint stores, art supply stores, and craft stores.

"Magix" shoe spray: Shoe repair stores, old style 5

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