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This does not include all Theatre Crafts articles on these subjects, but is aselective listing of those articles which I have found most interesting and/or potentiallyuseful. The format used for listing is taken from Theatre Crafts magazines own 10Year Index


Armor Without Hammers, David C. Manwearing, Nov/Dec '77

Low Cost Fabric Modification, Valerie C.Kaelin, Mar '79

Tabbards of Junk, Beverly Norcross, Jan 182


Creating the Right Silhouette, Lynda Bender, Jan/Feb '78

A Revolutionary Approach to Corsets, Mary M. Cesnakas and Anne Jaros, Mar'82


Creating the Lived-In Look, Robin Reid, Nov/Dec '76


Tabards and Headpieces, Jackson Kesler, Nov/Dec '72


Experimenting With New Materials for Masks and Props, Bryan H. Ackler and Marilyn R. Skow, Sept '76

Foam Costumes, Barbara B. Matheson, Jan/Feb '69

Form Casting With Flexible Foam, Alan G. Billings, Oct '69

Garbage to Grandeur, James R. Bakkom, Sept '78

The Plastic Costume, Oct 170

The Plastic Face, Oct '70

Plastic People, John T. Brown and Ernest Foster, Nov/Dec '75

Poor Man's Vacuform Machine, Michael Hottois, Oct '83

Stylized Animal Costumes Using Polyurethane Foam, Annette E. Hoffman, Oct '83

Using Liquid Latex on Costuming, Jane Morgan Henry, Jan '81


Experimenting With New Materials for Masks and Props, Bryan H. Ackler and Marilyn R. Skow, Sept '76

Facing It: A Look at Some Old and New Face Coverings, Museum of Contemporary Crafts, Nov/Dec '70

Form Casting With Flexible Foam, Alan G. Billings, Oct '69

Masks from Hell, Joseph Cranzano, Oct '71

Masks With Movable Jaws for "Ubu Roi", E.T. Kirby, May/June '74

Mummenschanz Masking, Micky Levy, Nov/Dec '74

The Plastic Face, Oct'70

Ralph Lee's Festival Figures for Halloween and Other Appearances, Susan Spector and Stephen Urkoqiz, Oct '77

Reassessing Paper Mache Masks, John T. Oertling, Jan '82

To Make A Mask, Irene Corey, May/June '69


Loafers to Restoration Slippers, Sheila Richards, Nov/Dec '77

Old Shoes from New, Lauretta Stribling, Jan '82

Step by Step Shoes, Frederic Jones, Nov/Dec '71


Hazardous to Your Health: Toxic Substances In the

Entertainment Industry, Randall Davidson, Mar/Apr '78

Costume and Crafts Safety, Susan Lieberman, Apr '85

Monona Rossol: The Center for Occupational Hazards, Susan Lieberman, Apr '85

Planning A New Shop, Leslie E. Rollins, Apr '85

Real-Life Safety for the Craftsperson, James Bakkom, April '85


Building Wigs On A Budget, Katherine Strand Holkeboer, Nov/Dec '80

Learning the Wigmaker's Process, Lenore Naxton, Jan '81

Making Low Cost Wigs from Acrylic Fur, Richard Boss, Jan/Feb 76

There's More toWigs than Hair, Ronald DeMann, Nov/Dec '68

Twentieth Century Peruke Making, Bob Kelly, Sept '69

Yarn Wigs, Bettie Seeman, May/Jun '76

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