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Home Address:

1535 Mary Ann St

Fairbanks, AK 99701

(907) 456-8119


TARA MAGINNIS e-mail Tara@costumes.org1

Ph.D. in Theatre History, University of Georgia,Dissertation: Fashion Shows, Strip Shows, and Beauty Pageants: The Theatre of theFeminine Ideal



M.A. in Costume Design, California State University,Fresno. Thesis: Costume Crafts Instruction Manual, 1985.

B.A. in History, San Francisco State University, MagnaCum Laude, 1981. Work done also at College of Marin




Assistant Professor, University of Alaska-Fairbanks,1990-Present:

2 3 History of Fashion andDress

Costume Design andConstruction

Dyeing and Painting for the Theatre (Ind.St.),Millinery (Ind. St.), Russian Costume History, Advanced Costume Design and Construction,

Theatre Make-up, Theatre History andTheatre Appreciation. Served as Alaskan coordinator for UAF's American Russian Theatre

(ART) program in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Assistant to theRussian Coordinator while in Russia during the summers of 1992-1993. Faculty Senate 1993,1996. Theatre Department Head 1992-93. Student Drama Association Faculty Adviser 1991-92,1993-94, 1995-96. On leave at Theatre Terra Mobile, Russia 1994-95.


Visiting Assistant Professor


,University of Alaska-Fairbanks, 1988-89: Costume Design and Construction, TheatreCostume History.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Georgia,1985-87: Appreciation of World Drama


, alsoassisted Costume Shop Manager in supervising work of lab students.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, California State University,Fresno, 1983-85: Assisted in Teaching of Costume History, Advanced CostumeCrafts, and Introduction to Technical Theatre, wrote the Lab Manual for Advanced CostumeCrafts class as M.A. Project.


4 56"Putting Personality into Your Portfolioand Resume"Published in TD&T., Winter 1996-97.

Kiosk Man


(1994): a play without words to be performed by TerraMobile Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1995.

7The Omnigarment: Putting Design into theHands of the Actor in Theatre Design & Technology, Spring 1994.

Costume Crafts at 50 Below: TheFairbanks Non Toxic Crafts Cookbook


in TD&T,Fall 1994.

8 A Student's Guide to Budget TravelPlanning


in College MonthlyFebruary 1994.

9Perfumes for the Period Scentin TheLady's Gallery, July 1994.

Freelance Author, October 1994-1995, for The St.Petersburg Press assortedarticles: Old and New Rituals at Play; "When The Sun Was God" (theatrereview), The Coolest Theatre Event in the World, Fashion A-Z at the House of Fashion,The Empress' Old Clothes and Other Historic Costumes, and other articles too numerousto mention.

The OmniCostume: 32 Ways to a Period Silhouette in USITTTheatre Technology Exhibit 1993 Catalog.

Native Alaskan Costume Bibliographyin The Northwest Theatre Review, Spring 1993, Editor and Co-author.

"She Saves Who Sews For Victory"; Home Sewing on theAmerican Home Front in Costume 1992 (The Yearly Journal of the CostumeSociety, U.K.)

Co-editor and contributing author: Connections: The Russian AmericanTheatre Journal Summer '92.

Could You Please Look These Over?, One Act Play, 1991, UAF.

Quicker Corsetry in TheatreCrafts, October 1990.

Stereographs as a Resource in Costume History in TD&T,Spring 1987.

Library Costume Resources: A SupplementinUSITT Newsletter, April 1987

The 12 Dancing Princesses and Cinderella: Children'splays, performed at Cobb School, San Francisco, 1978-79.


Transformation: The Stripper as Sexual Ideal


UCLA Burlesque Conference, March 14, 1993,Los Angeles, CA. Also, panel member: Representations of Women in Burlesque.

Theatre Education in the USA: The Liberal Arts ModelWhiteHall Seminars on Artistic Administration, 1992, The White Hall, Committee on Culture,St. Petersburg, Russian Republic.

Tuma: Adapting Alaska Native Costume for the Stage,and Resumes,Portfolios, and Job Hunting in a Free Market Theatre, and Theatre UAF: UniversityTheatre in the USAThe Russian American Theatre Conference, 1992,St.Petersburg, Russian Republic.

The Non-Toxic Costume Shop and

10CostumingTuma Alaska Native TheatreNorthwest Drama Conference, Moscow, Idaho,1992.

Alaska Native Costume and Why Actors Hate Costumers andVice VersaNWDC, 1991, La Grande, Oregon.

Painting Dyeing and Distressing Indoors in Alaska: Non-Toxic CostumeCrafts Processes for Unventilated Spaces, and The Costumer and Kinko's: Uses forXeroxing and Other Media Services in Costume DesignConstruction, and Research,NWDC, 1989, Anchorage, Alaska

Fashion Films: Fashion Newsreels 1905-1987Costume Societyof America, Region IV Annual Conference, 1987, Palm Beach, Florida.

Using Tailoring Manuals to Date Men's Clothing and Writinga Research Paper in Costume History: Guest lectures in the Department of Textiles,Merchandising and Interiors, UGA, 1986.


The University of Alaska Fairbanks, 1988-97:

The BacchaeThe Island


Comedy of Errors

TheMysteryof Edwin Drood

The Glass Menagerie

CabaretThe VelveteenRabbit,

Jesus Christ SuperstarNoises OffYou Can't TakeIt With YouTheInspector General, AKTreasure Island

Much Ado About Nothing


Grease(co-designed with students), Ubu Roi

Russian Christmas TaleFrankenstein

Marat/SadeOf Mice And Men

AsYou Like It,Curse of theStarving Class (co-designed with student),Mainstage Productions.

UAF Opera Workshop, 1991-1996: Evening of OperaScenesThe StonedGuestThe 614th CommandmentThe BridgeThe Old Maid and the ThiefThe Abduction of EuropaThe Liberation ofTheseus, and Ariadne's Abandonment, workshop productions.

UAF/Tuma Theatre Co. (Alaska Native Theatre),1991-1996:

Qayaq: The Magical Man

TheEagle's Gift

Naam/Gen Eehu, Mainstage Productions.

Fairbanks Light Opera Theatre, 1995:

Guys and Dolls, Community Theatre.

Theatre Parijh, St.Petersburg, Russia,1995:

The Bell That Rang for Itself,Sets and Costumes, Children'smusical.

Theatre Terra Mobile, St.Petersburg, Russia, 1995: Outof Darkness, Co-design of costumes with Milla Kalen, sole scene designer, Movementpiece.

The State Theatre Inst., St.Petersburg, Interstudio,1994: The Seagull,Night (a Chinese Opera), Student Productions.

The Russian American Theatre, St. Petersburg, 1992:

The Actor'sNightmare Russian-English DualLanguage Production.

University of Georgia, 1987: Comedy of ErrorsStudent Production.

The Georgia Resident Acting Company, 1985-86: TheMarriage Proposal, Lord Byron's Love Letter, and The Romancers

Portable Dance Troupe, Fresno, 1984-1985: Forms ofHeaven, and Behindthe Painted Grin, Modern Dance.

California State University, Fresno, 1984-85: WestSide Story (co-designed), True West, Mainstage Productions.

Producer's Associates, Oakland, 1983: Paint YourWagon, and Little Me!, Professional Theatre.

Ross Valley Players, Ross, 1982: The Real InspectorHound, and The Marriage Proposal, Community Theatre.

Attic Theatre of San Francisco, 1981: Ten LittleIndians, Professional Theatre.


[In addition to patterning and cutting many of my own shows, I have alsocut the following shows by other designers.


University of Georgia, 1986:

11ThePirates of PenzanceA Doll's HouseSix Characters in Search of an Author,Mainstage Productions.

California State University, Fresno, 1983-84:

Ring 'Round The MoonPicnicThe Iceman ComethMainstage Productions

Santa Barbara Repertory Theatre, 1984: Man of LaManchaThe Island, Professional Theatre.

Dominican College, San Rafael, 1983: The Barber ofSeville, hired in as cutter on Opera.


[In addition to doing crafts on my own shows, I began my costume careeras a crafts worker on the shows of others.]

UAF/Tuma Theatre, 1982-84:


Utetmun, and

The Child From theSea (masks


), Mainstage.

Directed an Independent Study in Millinery, 1983: forseven people (!!!), at UAF.

University of Georgia, 1985: As You Like It,(accessories and ruffs 12) Mainstage Production.

Houston Children's Theatre Festival, 1985:

12Fat Pig(animal and fruit costumes ), Jack and theBeanstalk (hats and shoes), Professional Theatre.

Houston Shakespeare Festival, 1985:

Richard III(armor, crowns and misc.), Measure forMeasure (hats, ruffs and shoes), Professional Theatre.

California State University, Fresno, 1983-1984: Medea(belts and goddess cape), The Rose Tattoo (accessories), Taming of the Shrew (plasticjewelry, accessories and hats), White Chicks (accessories & quick change armcast), Mainstage Productions.

Contra Costa College, 1983: The Wiz (Tin Man),hired in as crafts expert on Mainstage Production.

Dominican College of San Rafael, 1981-1982: AMidsummer Night's Dream (hats, shoes and props), Beauty and the Beast (hats), Pippin(helmets and crown), hired in periodically as crafts expert for Mainstage andShakespeare Festival Productions.

Lucasfilm Ltd., 1981: Return of the Jedi, lowlycrafts flunky on Major Motion Picture


Berkeley Shakespeare Festival, 1981: Cymbeline,(hot glue & misc.), Professional Theatre.

College of Marin, 1977: Dracula,The Marriageof Figaro,Hotel ParadisoTheMerry Wives of Windsor,RomeoAnd Juliet,Threepenny Opera,Peter PanPericlesPrince ofTyre,The Mikado (just about everything in crafts you can think of), MainstageProductions and Operas.


Directed an Independent Study course in Dyeing andPainting for the Theatre, 1991: for two students, at UAF.

UA-Fairbanks & Tuma Theatre 1989-1994:

Naam/Gen Eehu (fake beadwork),

JesusChrist Superstar (spray-dye),

As You Like It (dyeresist, marbling),

Russian Christmas Tale(distressing),

Woyzeck (spatter-paint and spray-dye),

Much Ado(squiggle paint, spraydye, and tie-dye),



Child From the Sea


The Eagle's Gift (hand painting), Mainstage Productions.

University of Georgia, 1986: The Boyfriend (vatdyeing), Mainstage Production.

CSU-Fresno/Portable Dance Troupe, 1984-1985: Formsof Heaven (airbrushing), Medea (puffpaint), Mainstage Productions.

Dominican College of San Rafael, 1982: Beauty andThe Beast (stenciling), Mainstage Production.


[Reference names and numbers have been excised here to ensure theirprivacy, for serious job searches, and I will provide them.]

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