Library Costume Resources Library Costume Resources; A Supplement

by Tara Maginnis

Often the best sources for costume research are found under related subject headings, and even completely unrelated headings, (Painters, Photography, etc.). This is a partial listing of headings I have found useful in research, and the Library of Congress Call Numbers assigned to them. If your library uses another system, or if your librarian has assigned them another number within the Library of Congress System, you will still be able to find these subjects through your card catalogue.


Dressmaking TT 518

Dressmaking-Pattern design TT 520

Leatherwork TT 290

Millinery TT 655

Needlework TT 720

Plastics TT 297

Tailoring TT 520


Museum Display Techniques NK 4705 & AM 151

Museum Directories AM 10

Museum Technology AM 5


Van der Weyden (Gothic) ND 673 W4

Bruegel (Late Gothic)

ND 673 B Durer (Late Gothic)

ND 588 D9

Holbein (Tudor) NS 588 H7

Hals (17th Cent. Dutch) ND 653 H2

Vermeer (17th Cent. Dutch) ND 653 V53

Watteau (18th Cent. French) ND 553 W3

Fragonard(18th Cent. French) ND 553 F7

Gainsborough (Late 18 Cent Engl.) ND 479 G2

Goya (Late 18th Cent. Spanish) ND 813 G7

Vigee le Brun (Late 18th Cent. French, Italian & Russian) ND 1329 V53

David (Rev. and Napoleonic. France) ND 553 D25

Spitzweig (Early 19 Cent. German) ND 586 S6

Brown (Mid. 19 Cent. Engl.) ND 497 B73

Victorian Dress and Life DA 533

Victorian London DA 683

Victorian Street Life DA 688

Victorian Scotland DA 865

Sargent (Turn of the Cent. American) ND 237 S3

Gibson (Turn of the Century English & American) NC 10T5 G448

Lautrec (Turn of the Cent. French) ND 553 T7

Serov (Turn of the Cent. Russian) ND 699 S4

Pre-Revolutionary Russia DK 280

Edwardian Austria DB 92

Rockwell (20 Cent. American) ND 237 R68

Couturiers and Designers TT 504

Catalogues TS 199

Men's Clothing HD 9940 U4


Folk Arts and Crafts NK 800

Paintings by Country ND 1- ND 5861

African Dress N 4789

Canadian Dress QH 1

Chinese Dress DS 721

Quaker Dress BX 7748

Sioux Indian Leaders E 99

Spanish Gypsies DX 251

Tartans DA 880


Academic Dress LB 2389

Church Vestments NK 1650

English Servants, Victorian DA 736

Household Servants HD 8039

Legal Dress GT 6230

Medieval Pilgrims BX 2323

Playing Cards (Royal Dress) GV 1233

Prostitution HQ 144

Transvestitism HQ 77


Armor NK 6606

Armor U 810

British Heraldry CR 1612

Heraldic Design CR 31

Japanese Heraldry CR 57

Medals and Decorations CJ 5539

Military Dress and Insignia UC 480

Sailors VK 149

Sailors Uniforms VC 303

Soldiers U 750


Ballet Design GV 1787

Bakst, Leon (Ballet Russe) ND 699

Costume Design TT 507

Costume for Theatre PN 2067

Dance World Annual GU 1580

Flamenco Dress GV 1674

History of Opera ML 1700

History of Theatre, America PN 2201

History of Theatre, England PN 2581

History of Theatre, Japan PN 2921 (etc.)

Inigo Jones (Court Masques) NC 1115


Makeup for Theatre PN 2068

Hairdressing & Wig Making TT 951

Perfume and Cosmetics TP 983


Jewelry Making TT 205

Jewelry NK 7306

Millinery TT 655-657

Shoemaking HD 8039


Fabric and Textiles TS 1449

Lace NK 9404 & TT 800

Painting and Painting Fabric NK 9500

Textile Arts NK 8804

Textile Design TS 1475

This is of course only a partial listing of sources. The majority of books on costume are located from GT 500 to GT 2340 and many of the above listed subjects are also to be found in this section. Another good source of research material to be found outside to core of costume books found in the "GT" section are the bound periodicals. Libraries often stack these separately from the books, and a trip to this section of the Library is usually worthwhile. The most neglected section of the Library is the "AP" section where all the "general interest" periodicals are stacked. Some of the titles which fall under the "general interest" heading are:

Vanity Fair (1913- ) AP 2

The Illustrated London News (1843- ) AP 4

Everybody's Magazine (1902-1925) AP 2 E9

Time (1925- ) AP 2 T37

The World's Work (1901-1930) AP 2 WA

Illustration Paris (1915-1955) AP 2 I3

Life (1936- ) AP 2 L547

Esquire (1940- ) AP 2 E834

The Woman's World (1888-1890) AP 4 W78

Godey's Ladies Book (19th Century) AP 2 G

Generally, if you find a call number which has been useful to you in book stacks, it is also good to check under the same number in Bound Periodicals. For example:

The Theatre (1900- ) PN 2000

American Fabrics (1948- ) TS 1300 A17

The Studio (Arts Magazine. 1893- ) N 1

Vogue TT 500 V7

Harper's Bazaar TT 500 H3

Opera News ML 106

Museum AM 1 M63

Musee Des Tailleurs Illustree GT 875 M8

Finally, if you're looking for an article on something very specific you need to check an index:

A.L.A. Portrait Index NC 996

British Humanities Index AL 3 B7

Cumulated Magazine Subject Index (1907-49) AL3 C76

Granger's index to Poetry (lists titles and authors of poems such as "The Divorce Dress," "Julia's Petticoat," and "The Song of the Shirt") PN 10022 G7

Index to U.S. Government Periodicals AL 3 I56

Above all, when researching, don't give up. It's there somewhere, you just need to seek out related topics until you find it. I have only listed those subjects which I have had recourse to in the past: each subject requires its own particular search guided by your imagination and persistence.

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