Why is the 1930's Pride And Prejudice one of your favorite costume movies when it'scostumes are inaccurate?

Why is the 1930's Pride And Prejudiceone of your favorite costume movies when it's costumes are inaccurate?

I actually am not voting [on the

100Best Costume Movies of all time]. . yet, I was wondering how the 1930's version ofPride & Prejudice could be so deserving as the costumes were inaccurate. Good movie,yes I like it personally, but the A&E/BBC production was much truer to everything,clothing, the book, hairstyles etc. . . as for movies with great costumes, DangerousLiaisons is a fave of mine, some of the old musicals like, Hello Dolly!, The Music Man, IfI can think of a great one I'll write again

It was only inaccurate in the sense that Adrian moved the period fromthe usually chosen one of 1815 to 1835. The costumes are splendid orgies of 1835 costume,a period that is rarely done in movies. The choice of the more over-the-top Romanticperiod style costumes for that production were probably a conscious one, based on the verymuch over the top directing and acting style of the 1930's film. The two match. The 1815mode goes well with the sort of Masterpiece Theatre mode of BBC period piece less-is-moreacting, and so suits it as well. However, I must say I prefer the Elisabeth Garvie/DavidRintoul P&P of the 1980's BBC production, not only for acting and costumes, but forthe splendidly sharp script by the same author who wrote the book Life and Loves of aShe-Devil. Since Austin wrote most of P&P in the late 18th century, (it waspublished later with some polishing, but the main text was done much earlier) I alwayswonder why it is never costumed a'la 1795, which is closer to the date, and which hasnicer clothes than either period. Still, it is largely a choice based on finding the rightchoice of style to suit the director's and scriptwriter's style, and not necessarily thebook. ---Tara

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