Stories & Poetry by Tara Maginnis

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When I'm under emotional stress I tend to write to keep sane. Often this comes out in the form of costume writing, but just as often it comes out in some other direction like

Fan Fiction

magazine articles on mushrooms, Russia, and cats, or Poetry. This is mostly a bunch of poetry that sort of spewed out in 1993-94 after a very difficult summer in Russia.

Greyman On being in love with someone who is not so dull as he seems

Comrade To an inspiring student

Metroman A calm guy in my spinning world

Baggage The emotional kind

On the Metro The frustrated passions of a chaperon

Dreaming Passionate thoughts

Unspoken Conversation Watching a friend melt down in paranoia

The March of Folly Is love foolish?

Excursion Summer friends on a river excursion

Magic Sometimes you just need a guy with an umbrella

Ferris Wheel My pathetic attempt at a romantic poem that rhymes

Thief Frustrated love

Terra Linda On agreeable summers in childhood in California

Garbo's Rose The failed romance of Garbo and Cecil Beaton, distilled to one page.

Nostalgia Trip Old friends meet, and inevitably, part

Hourglass Is "getting over" someone a good thing?

Paroxetine HCIA poem to an antidepressant pill? Yep

No Vacancy On the subtle pleasure & pain of weaning from one's antidepressant after a month

Waiting Time Painting one's office as therapy-fling the paint.

Mixed Signals He loves me, he loves me not...

Unnecessary Things Dumping unneeded possessions and moving on

Rocky Horror Experiencing a showing of the film at UAF

Swan Lake Why a 100 year old dance still moves us

Anichkov Bridge On the healing properties of time

St. Petersburg Surreal reflections on our crash-and burn summer enterprise, made from bits of newspaper clippings

Monologue on Clouds Written for a show in 1995

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