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"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains,however improbable, must be the truth." -- Arthur Conan DoyleThe Sign ofthe Four

Last Updated: Yes, I have intended to write (much) more in this series. Yes, this is primarilygoing to be a Rogue/Magneto story, but at times it will veer off onto some tangents thatmay not seem to connect until the very end. This is considered X-Men movie fic,since when the film reality contradicts the comic book reality, I opt for the filmversion.I haven't added to the story in a long time, but more about that below...

This is my first fiction writing, fan or otherwise.(I have lots of experience with non-fiction writing

, however). My intro toX-men was the first film.After seeing it Iwas so amused and interested in the concept and characters, that I went on the WWW tolearn a bit more about them and the comics.Atthat time I was amazed to find out that in the comics Rogue was most often paired withMagneto of all people.(In the comics she isa bit older, he looks younger, and they get married and have a kid, at least in analternative timeline. They also get together in someparts of the regular timeline.

FanficXmenUxmen274.jpgReally,I’m not making this up.) So far, in the comics, the only two guys who can touch herwithout ill effects have been Magneto and Joseph, (a young man, now deceased, who was aclone of Magneto). This was wonderfully amusing for me, since I found Anna Paquinand @160x120.jpg Ian McKellan

to be my main favorites in areally fun ensemble cast.However, Hollywood,despite the age kink of pairing up couples like Sean Connery with Catherine Zeta-Jones, isprobably never going to get so far “out there” that they are likely to match upthe second youngest Oscar winner with the 67 year old, most famous Knight “out”in the English theatre. This fic is my attempt to reconcile the movie version of events,with an explanation of how and why those two unlikely characters might end up together ata possible future date. I love insane and absurd challenges.

This series is also a humorous reaction to reading other X-Men fan fic that is outthere. After reading two stories where Rogue experiences a Holocaust nightmare andfeels sorry for Magneto, I really could not resist gifting him with two weeks of hernightmares, and having him want to throttle her over them. After reading severalexciting stories where Magneto breaks out of his prison with intriguingly creativeviolence I began work on .... well if I tell you that I'll ruin the surprise.However, I'm rather keen on flouting expectation in this series.

The extended Lipchitz family will be a reoccurring set of characters. They areintended to represent the opposite end of politics from Senator Kelley. More thanone member of the Lipchitz clan will end up finding true love with a mutant. Therewill be back story. Other members of the family will get introduced as their part of thisstory comes up.

The costume bits in

No More Spandex were inspired bythe fact that in real life my superpower is I am a


I have found myself unable to continue with this story for several years now, and sinceit is possible that I may never get inspired to complete it, I've decided to outline whatwas supposed to happen in the rest of the plot: (If you haven't read all the onlinestories, you might want to do so before reading this):

Toad has been brought to the hospital after landing in the bay, and meets

Nurse Louisa Lipshitz, the only spinster Lipshitz daughter, and aunt of

Sylvie. Toad/Louisa share an interest in musical theatre, performance

art, and an annoyance with the advertising industry's focus on the

"beauty" culture. They cook up a non-violent comedy performance art

"terrorist" campaign targeting bad advertising art that discriminates

against mutants and plus size people. They get arrested and released

repeatedly till they become famous, and start being pop cultural icons


Ed Gruberman is grabbed by Sabertooth as a way of breaking Magneto out of

jail. Contrary to all laws of probability, Ed, whomps him. Sabertooth is

so impressed he begins to follow Ed down the path of Ti Kwan Leep.

Magneto and Rogue start clandestinely using the "device" on trips to NYC,

and making more of them, which they start installing in public locations,

further cementing a relationship. Rogue eventually helps Magneto in his

plans to create more mutants with his improved device by enlisting the aid

of some of her former Bible school mates who found themselves sympathetic

to the mutant cause after they or relatives developed mutancy, and has

them do road-trips to install the devices in public places scattered

around the south and midwest. Silly situations abound as people "come

out" as mutants all over the US.

The girls, noticing that Rogue seems more and more preoccupied with

Magneto, step up their campaign of false letters and gifts from Logan,

creating more and more outrageous sentimental garbage as they do so.

Meanwhile, off in Fairbanks, Logan is talked into auditioning for 12th

Night at UAF, and meets more Fairbanks weirdos. They realize

he's a mutant. They think it's "cool". He decides to build a cabin and


Senator Kelley meanwhile, has reconstituted himself, and attempts a

confrontation with Mystique. It fails, since his appearance is now more

unstable and clearly mutant than hers. They agree to a truce, where both

take turns being the "Senator", but eventually the Senator's wife figures

out that her husband is a mutant, blames him for his daughter's mutancy,

and runs off, blowing the whistle on her husband's masquerade during the

divorce proceedings. Tabloids plaster attractive pics of Mystique all

over their covers in the furor over the scandal, making her the first

publicly acknowledged sex symbol who is a mutant. The Senator then has to

do a total about-face in order to get reelected. His usual staff desert

him, so his daughter and Mystique start campaigning for him with the

assistance of Toad/Lousia and their pop-culture antics. Back in Kelley's

Kansas, Magneto's devices have been altering the inhabitants. A

well-known tent-show minister is one who is so converted, and he "comes

out" to create the Born Again Mutant church, a Baptist spin off that

regards mutancy as a visible sign of being born again and touched by God.

He gains followers that are mutants, as well as non-mutants who pray to be

so "touched". He endorses Kelley, and his parishioners help fuel Kelley's

campaign coffers. Kelley adopts a canny combination of "family values"

(his wife deserted him and his daughter, not the other way around)

appealing to the Right, and mutant rights appealing to the Left and newly

"converted" mutants.

Sabertooth meanwhile has been taken to Ed's former Sensei for intensive

teaching. The sensei insists that Sabertooth take the time to personally

apologize to every person who he has wronged in the past in order to make

peace and achieve closure. Sabertooth starts coming into an assortment of

situations where he feels he should apologize, but his former foes are a

bit suspicious of his coming. However with his improved abilities with Ti

Quan Leep, he is able to subdue the X Men long enough to apologize to each

in turn, even if he has to sit on Cyclops while doing so. While at the X

mansion he also apologizes to Rogue and tells her he wants to find Logan

to do the same. Rogue get's "permission" from (the girls impersonating )

Logan on email to send Sabertooth to Alaska to look for him. She gives a

long letter to Logan to Sabertooth to deliver.

Charles' son and Sylvie get engaged, despite Rolf's lingering scorn for

Charles. The wedding is slated for the X Mansion, since it is a better

place for a party than Rolf's son's place.

Kelly wins his reelection with a wide enough margin that he is encouraged

to run for President in two years.

Sabertooth goes to North Pole, but quickly finds that Logan has moved to

Fairbanks, and tracks him down at the Loon, delivering Rogue's letter.

Logan is non-plussed by the letter, and suspicious about Sabertooth's

claim that the girl has a room full of tacky gifts supposedly sent by him,

but decides anyway to go to Westchester to investigate. He arrives on the

day of the wedding to find that the kids are indulging in necking

contests, Kelly is running tame with fiancée Mystique on his arm

soliciting campaign contributions from Xavier's rich Westchester WASP

neighbors, Toad is the wedding singer, and Rogue is safely dancing cheek

to cheek with Magneto. Logan throws a snit, the email conspiracy is

revealed, and Rogue finds herself half crushed, half relieved by Logan's

comparative lack of interest.

(I'm vague about what happens after here for a bit. I'm also thinking a

crisis of some kind could pull the characters together, but I don't want

this becoming an "action movie", that, after all, is what the movies arefor.)

Charles finds out about Magneto & Rogue's conspiracy, and is upset with

them. They discuss the plan to instead make mutants "fashionable" and Charles

tells them he will consult with his brother (of whom no one knows) about

how to do this without further use of the devices. According to the

mysterious "brother's" advice Xavier coordinates activities designed to

make mutants fashionable: Toad and Louisa get a "reality based" TV show

that has them doing guerrilla political theatre while hand-held cameras

shoot their doings, further cementing their pop icon status. Kelley

marries Mystique and announces he'll run for president (all the Kelley

sections should be in the form of memoirs written years later by a retired

ex president doing a tell-all book designed to shock the public and his

party). Mystique appears with her step daughter in Martha Stewart's

Living showing the delights of the garden of Kelley's "official" home in

Kansas. Sabertooth persuades his sensei to jointly do a self-help and

self defense TV show for PBS with him. The Trekkie Mutant's for Peace

organization is founded by Henry, who starts an online campaign of Star

Trek fans in all nations to free political prisoners, protest war and send

super-mutant aid to problem areas. Sylvie launches her catalog sale

fashion line with the cuter boys and girls from the school as models,

including Rogue, who promptly finds herself being courted by the Ford

Agency. She agrees to work for them part time if they will pay her way

through FIT, Sylvie's alma mater, once she graduates from Xavier's.

Finally, after graduation, Charles announces that the X Men will be

marching along with the Young African American Gay Mutants for Christ and The TrekkieMutants for Peace in the Freedom Day parade in NYC. They do so,

and finally everyone meets Charles twin brother (Sterling from "Jeffrey")

the head of the Pink Panthers, the real mastermind of their current

success. Magneto feels slightly non-plussed by the newfound mutant

popularity, and wonders what he should do, now that his main life battle

has been nearly won. Rogue points out to Magneto that another birthday has come and gone,and that she will have a dorm room to herself at FIT, courtesy

of the agency, and maybe he should just grow up and start trying to enjoy


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